Lately, there’s been this notion that women don’t want to get married.

Back then it was all women could think about. Of course, society had something to do with this mindset. It was frowned upon for women to go to college back in the early 50’s. Women were supposed to have the children and take care of the house. Going to college was simply a way for women to meet intelligent men so that they can get married! Crazy, right?

Clearly, now things have changed. More women in college than their male counterparts. More women living independently without the partnership of men. And with that keeping women more focused on themselves and less on the thought of “settling down”, it affects marriage in a big way.

Not to mention the way the dating culture has changed since your grandparent’s age. Guys don’t want to commit. Weddings are more expensive than ever (and so is your debt!) Divorce rates are high. And ALL OF IT affects your thoughts on whether or not marriage is something you actually want to do.

Yes, it makes sense why so many women who once thought of the idea of getting married in a big, beautiful dress, now have second thoughts. But deep down… maybe you still actually want to! Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that! But… still, we gotta address why you have your reservations in the first place.

Whether you’re afraid to get married because of what you’ve seen in other marriages, or whether you just haven’t met the right guy yet, the reasons why women don’t want to get married are stacked high! And if you’re not careful, those reservations can easily turn into fears that will overtake your entire love life!

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In order to address your reasonings, we need to get to the root of your why. Why do you feel uninterested in marriage? Why did this thought sprout into your life after desiring to get married seasons ago?

Do you find yourself NOT wanting to get married? In this video, I cover SIX REASONS why you don’t want to get married that could ease your worries and help you realize that this thought is a lot more common than you think!

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