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If it’s wrong timing when you meet someone then is he ever really, “The One”?

Sure, we see this scenario play out in just about every “Rom Com” out there.
Girl or guy spots their crush.

They spend the entire rest of the movie trying to get close to their crush.
Just when you think it’s finally time for them to be together, at last, something happens that splits them apart, and back to square one, chasing each other all over again!
Seriously though, is this “waiting to date” scenario realistic?

If you really have a crush out there, and you kept running into them, is it possible for you to end up together if you’re always running into the wrong timing?

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One thing you have to understand is that the thrill in this ENTIRE scenario boils down to,
a.  The Chase (going after this person you can never quite get your hands on), and/or
b.  The “What Could Be” (as in, for all you know, this person is your Soul Mate, hence why you keep running into them!)
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Allow me to give you a personal example of this.

In college, I met someone who became my crush.  I tried everything to get closer to him and get to know each other.  Even though he had a girlfriend, and I had a boyfriend, we knew there was some chemistry there.

We never ended up together.

Then the moment happened where he ended his relationship!  But I was still in mine.  So nothing went down but we both knew what was up.
Finally, I ended my relationship and the timing was perfect…WRONG!  By then he was getting ready to graduate and leave school for good.  But it didn’t end there.
Once he graduated and left for post-grad, we STILL found ways to find each other to allow the “what could be” to unfold.  And I’m talking about traveling a few hundred miles during long weekends and spring breaks in order to make that happen.  
And we STILL never ended up together.

It was always wrong timing, and by the time the “perfect” opportunity came for us to finally make something of our romantic chase, it was pretty much too late.

So while you’re sitting there, waiting for your “unicorn” relationship to magically come true after all these scenarios, and all this time has passed, you’re forgetting one thing:

You are growing every step of the way, and so is your guy.  You just might be growing apart.   

So when the definite maybe opportunity does approach, later in life, and you two finally visit the conversation…again, remember that one of two things is going to happen:

1) The Notebook Scenario.   

Magic happens, fireworks are going off because you can finally be together!  The next thing you know, you both are in love, married, and telling love stories to your grandchildren about how you met, re-met, and re-met Grand Pa-Pa.

2) The Great Gatsby Scenario.  

You both grow so far apart that by the time you actually end up together, you’re no longer a perfect fit for each other.  The whole thrill of chasing and the “what could be” turns into a dead, flat-end!
So there you have it!  Is waiting for wrong timing ever a good thing when you’re waiting for Mr. Right?  Well, you have to seize the opportunity when you can.  Also, keep in mind that sometimes a closed-door just might be closed for a very important reason.

What’s your take on Wrong Timing?  Is it a flat-out, “Not Meant to Be” or a high-five “This will be your happily ever after”?  Cast your vote in the comments below!

girl and guy hold each other in a snowy wooded area while holding red, heart-shaped balloons with pink overlay and white text that reads, "Could He Be Mr. Right If It's Wrong Timing?"

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