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I always claimed that I was “trusting God” when it came to my love life.

But man-oh-man did my love life experience prove otherwise.

In a sense, I was looking to God whenever I was dating or in a relationship. However, my prayers always seemed to be one-sided.

I remember praying that the guy I had a crush on would like me back. My prayers would turn into desperate pleas in hopes that I would get noticed. They would evolve into exciting “praises” whenever God would “open the doors” as my texting convos would turn into dates and exclusive relationships. I would “count my blessings” whenever my relationships went well and I was in love.

But oh, once those relationships turned south, my praises disappeared. I no longer looked to God in faith. Rather, I would seek God for the answers as to why things did not work out.

You see, in all of this time, I never once sat with God in stillness to gather His thoughts. I never once decided to wait on God to see whether what my heart desired was actually what God also desired.

So, when it all comes to pass, looking back, I don’t believe that I ever truly trusted God.

I was trusting Him with my life but never entirely with my heart.

That’s a big no-no. I can now see that as clear as day.

The points to prove this theory? In all of my past relationships, I would:

  • ignore the red flags
  • self sabotage myself and the relationship with my insecurities
  • idolize my boyfriend above everything else, including my faith

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So of course, my relationships would fail. Of course, I would look to God as the reason why my love life was so messy. It all makes sense now.

You might be reading this now wondering to yourself whether you are actually fully trusting God with your very own love life.

Well, in some cases, you may. In other cases you may not. How would you know for sure though? More importantly, what would it take to get you to fully and openly trust in God for all things within your love life?

Sure, Christian women may THINK they’re trusting God when it comes to their love life. But their trust goes as far as a “Hail Mary” prayer to get a man, and a “why God?!” when things don’t end well.

So what’s the real reason why Christian women aren’t trusting God with their love life?

In this video, I share my personal story along with HOW you can better trust God when it comes to love, dating, and relationships!

Click below to enjoy this video!

To seek more insight on how you can start trusting God when it comes to your love life, be sure to purchase a copy of my new book, “The Christian Woman’s Guide to Dating”!

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