What should you do when women flirt with your man?

You guys have a great relationship. And you’re man is quite a catch. In fact, you thank God that things are actually going so well.

However, there’s just this one thing that’s really throwing you off… women can’t seem to stop flirting with your man!

Since you’re not married (yet!) and quite honestly, you don’t wanna ruin the chances of you actually getting married, you want to keep things cool. He’s a grown man afterall. He knows how to handle this.

And yet, it keeps happening. The women keep flocking towards him. And there is no change occuring to stop it.

Naturally, you’re going to get upset. And feelings are going to be felt. As a Christian woman, you want to handle this as maturely as possible….

But… you can’t help but feel annoyed. Upset. Disrespected. And there might be some words brewing through you mind that you’d like to share right about now.

Don’t do it, sis! Remember, you prayed for this relationship! And God has been molding it every step of the way! The last thing you want to do is jepordize that so that the enemy can steal this relationship that is pleasing to God!

So, you must remain calm, but calm is the last thing you’re feeling whenever women flirt with your man! What should you do? What should you say? Don’t worry girl, I got your covered!

How do I know what works and what doesn’t? Because I used to act on my fleshly desires. I would let my insecurities get the best of my judgement and reactions. And with every girl who chatted with my man, I would grow more and more offended, thus thrusting my partner into a very long and drawn-out argument without any sign of resolution or satisfaction. My insecurities would cause major trust issues within the relationship and ultimately they ended because of it.

When I began to date my now-husband, I had to correct this jealousy issue in me QUICK if I wanted to see this relationship to the end! But that required two major things that I learned. Once I was able to apply them into the early stages of our relationship, we never once had any issues regarding women (or men) flirting with us again.

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What should you do when women flirt with your man? In this video, I share two pieces of Christian relationship advice for women who are dealing with this! Click below to enjoy this video!

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