What exactly are Christian guys looking for when it comes to their perfect match?

If I had to answer this, I would think that they were looking for someone who was put together. As in, she has her stuff in order.

I’m talking about her relationship with the Lord, her goals, her finances, and basically her life.

Now granted, when I met my husband, Kyle (a Christian guy), I was at the beginner stages of each of these! It’s crazy how quickly we forget sometimes.

When I first met Kyle, I was a newborn baby Christian! I had just started to get involved in the church after becoming an official member. My friendships were few. I cussed a lot and really wished I didn’t! And my finances… well, let’s just say that I was working on it after many years of not working on it.

I had a great job and I was just learning to love myself. I felt confident in who I was and was really happy in life, even with all the steps I still needed to take in my own personal goals.

Kyle and I didn’t really click at first. We kept a respectable distance for the sake of the ministries we were both in (youth group and community outreach). We were friendly but not “too” friendly if ya know what I mean.

But eventually, as destiny would have it, we fell in love. We wanted to honor God every step of the way so we did just that. And I’m happy to say that we’ve been married for six years now.

I always get emails asking this particular question. And while I’m not a Christian guy, I would like to think that my experience and knowledge of love and relationships could answer this no sweat.

But oh, when I asked Kyle for his thoughts on this question, I just knew that I had to have him on the next video!

You see, guys are different from girls. They think differently. Waaaay differently.

And so while we may think one way about what guys should be looking for when it comes to a Christian girl, our thoughts might be totally off!

That’s why I’m happy to announce that my husband, Kyle, did me (and you) a solid by allowing us to pick his brain on what a Christian guy is REALLY looking for when it comes to finding the right girl!

So ladies, take notes!

Click below to enjoy this video!

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Am I surprised at what a Christian guy would be looking for when it comes to their perfect match?

No. Not really. I guess guys are guys and girls are girls, right. But what Kyle shares do give you a few pointers on what you can do to attract a certain somebody.

And perhaps his answers even cleared up some confusion you may have had about the matter too!

For instance, if you’re wondering why a particular guy isn’t into you, then it could be for one of these points that Kyle mentioned above.

At the end of the day, Christian guys are looking to mesh with someone. And if you can’t mesh with them in the early stages of a relationship (say, a friendship), then don’t count on those relationship doors to open anytime soon!

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