I spent over a year planning out my wedding day.

And you can even say that I spent my entire life fantasizing about how this day would go.

Was I nervous? Sure. A little. I mean, what bride isn’t?

But you have to also understand that Kyle and I spent a LOT of time preparing for that moment. We knew without a doubt that we both wanted to get married. After countless Bible studies, classes, seminars, retreats, conferences, sermons, and premarital counseling sessions, we were very confident.

So it wasn’t weird for us to talk about what we dreamed about having on our wedding day.

And while it was stressful at times, it was really fun to finally get to pick everything out. Not to mention the countdown of the days to this dream come true.

We had fun with the cake design (stucco). And cake flavors (multi-flavored cake with the carrot being on top, then cassada, then chocolate peanut butter, then almond! And what to gift the bridal party (guys got swords, girls got journals and jewelry).

On my actual wedding day, I did everything I could to ensure that I would feel my absolute best.

But… there were some things that I totally did not expect to happen on that actual day.

Things we couldn’t possibly prepare for.

When you have so much planning and preparation going into one event. Then mix that with a ton of collaborators (e.g. photographers, DJ, caterer, etc.). Finally, sprinkle in, oh, about 100-500 of your family and friends, ranging in all levels of crazy! Then yeah… stuff is going to happen beyond your control!

And while we both can honestly say that our wedding day was pretty “effortless”, nothing is perfect. Including your wedding day.

To help you get as close to perfection as possible, here are a few expectations that could help you plan your wedding day!

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worm's eye view on a wedding aisle where man and woman stand assuming to be getting married with pink overlay and white text that reads, "What To Expect On Your Wedding Day"

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