We all want a man who’s a prayer warrior… so what if he doesn’t want to pray?

Don’t get me wrong. You probably have a really nice guy that you love and loves the Lord.

But lately, you’ve been yearning to go deeper with your faith. And man, wouldn’t be it awesome if your honey desired to lead that up?

One of the things that always gets to me is when you bring it up and they’re all like, “Yeah, sure, let’s do it”. But then nothing happens.

Are you just tired of being the one to always has to initiate this shared prayer life?

Does it feel like your boyfriend, Fiancé, or husband should be taking charge of this?

Or worse, how come he doesn’t even WANT TO PRAY!? Like, what the what is up with that??

Ok ladies, I feel you 1000% and I think I can help you address this very real concern that we often experience.

I think the explanation is quite simple: we are drawn to God.

We desire to have a steadfast pursuit for the Lord and our love and devotion cannot be messed with.

But then we decided to go into this relationship with this guy. And he’s awesome, don’t get me wrong! Heck, he was probably more on fire for the Lord than you were when you met him.

And so, you went into this thing thinking that together, your faith would be crazy good! You pictured missionary trips and extended prayer sessions with bae. It was really very beautiful and exciting to look forward to.

Because you finally found the guy who would be running with you towards God!

Welllll…. just like any relationship, some things faded. And perhaps you’re sitting here feeling some kind of way because of those things that faded was his prayer life.

In other words, you gave up a piece of your time that was originally spent on running towards God to put into this relationship. And you chose to do that because you expected that you would still be running towards God with your man. But now that your chase has slowed down a bit because he doesn’t want to pray with you, you feel like you’re falling behind on your relationship with God and relationship with him.

What should you do?

So many factors go into why this happened and what you could do about it. Everything from trust issues to vulnerability, to his own personal things going on that he’s not yet ready to share with you.

It doesn’t make your man a bad guy if he hasn’t taken the reigns to lead you both in prayer. In fact, it makes him very human.

The question, however, is how does this ultimately make you feel like someone who has to live with that within this relationship?

We all want a boyfriend/Fiancé/Husband to lead in a strong and firm prayer life. In this video, I share what you can do when your man doesn’t want to pray!

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