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There are many things that women want in life.  But what women want from men is something completely different!

And I’m sure there are many men across the world who are going insane trying to figure it all out.
It could be that women are crazy.  We get that a lot.  I’m actually not opposed to this theory.

Or, it could be that women have a difficult time communicating what they want exactly to the men in their lives.

Or it could be that men are failing to meet the very basics needs of what women want.
There’s clearly a lot of factors that would explain why we are frustrated at guys not getting us.
So… how can I make this easier for everyone?
Me?  I tend to be pretty direct.  Almost cut-throat to some who aren’t used to it.  I think when it comes to explaining EXACTLY what women want when it comes to guys, I shouldn’t sugar-coat this.
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I mean, after all, that’s what seems to be keeping us in trouble in the first place.
So I’m just gonna spit it out and tell it like it is.  Hope you’re ok with that.

In this episode, I share what women want from men in hopes that people everywhere will finally understand.

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Now before you guys out there lose focus, get bored, or skim through the next exciting article, you can at least walk away with this solid piece of truth,

Women aren’t crazy. They’re just misunderstood. The key to unlocking them is to choose love.

So, ladies, do you agree?

Share your thoughts below on what else you think all women want from men!

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