How long exactly should you wait to date again?

A wise woman by the name of Charlotte from the show, “Sex and The City” once told me that you should wait exactly one half of the time of your total relationship.

So if you were with someone for two years, you should wait one year. If you were with them for one month, then wait two weeks. You get the idea.

Another wise woman by the name of Wendy Williams claims that the very best way to get over someone is to get under someone. In other words, there is no wait to date again.

Ok, ok, ok. Yes, I recognize that these women are both from tv and not really a great help in times of real need. Not to mention we’re trying to stay classy and modest over here! But hey, there are a LOT of women out there going through some deep stuff and just wanting to know when they can officially “move on”.

In the past, I would have followed both of these women to the core. And for a very long time, I was unable to wait to date at all.

I was so used to having a man in my life and being in a relationship of some sort, I didn’t know how to live freely without one. So if I ever experienced a breakup, it didn’t take long before I was in another one with someone else.

To be single, as in to have no relations with any man of interest for a period of time, was too hard for me.

Even worst, it was scary. There it is. My total and honest truth. I was afraid to be single.

I was afraid of being single because there was no guarantee of the amount of time it would take for me to become “un-single” again.

My past relationships were all addictions that would be stripped away from me. So the need to get a “relationship fix” was just too much to bear. I didn’t know else to live.

During the season of my biggest breakup ever, I received a challenge that changed my life.

As I was chatting with my friend one day about the next guy I had in mind to date and pursue, she blurted something out.

And you could tell that she wanted to share this with me for some time. Perhaps the timing was never right to bring it up. Or maybe she was hoping that I would be able to figure it out all on my own.

What she told me was a bit of a challenge. At least I took it that way. And it was a request to wait to date again.

She gave me a time. A simple timeframe to follow so that I could have enough time to find myself before running off to the next relationship.

I never thought I would be able to agree to the terms. But I did. And looking back, I wish I could have waited even more.

In this video, I share with you what my friend told me and why she was spot on when it comes to how long you should wait to date again.

Click below to enjoy this video!

Something magical happens when you stay single and wait to date.

You end up discovering yourself! You find out things about yourself that were never able to unfold because you were so busy focusing on someone else.

Ultimately, waiting to date is a very good thing. Yet, we allow our fears to get in the way. The fear of waiting too long and being forgotten.

But I promise you, that if you choose to take this season of your life slow and make it intentional, then you too, will experience a radical change.

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