Today’s modern dating culture doesn’t always encourage women to wait till marriage.

In fact, many argue that deciding to do so would be a thing of the past. Something that was inspired by old traditions used to hold back the natural desires of feminity, pleasure, and love.

Wanna know what I think? I think that there are a butt-ton of reasons why choosing to wait to get physical in a relationship setting UNTIL you get married! While I cannot exactly share them all with you in this post, I will bring up the four main reasons.

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How do I know that these reasons are proven to be better than for you to not wait till marriage? Easy. Because I’ve experienced this firsthand and reaped the benefits of God’s blessings over my choice to honor Him in my relationship.

I’m not the typical cookie-cutter Christian here, either. I’ve had relationships in my past where getting physical was a part of the norm. Where the relationship didn’t go to the next level until we decided to get physical.

And coming from both perspectives, I gotta say that deciding to wait till marriage to my husband was the BEST thing I ever did for myself! And our relationship.

The experiences we gained from not having sex during our dating/engagement years still come into play almost ten years of marriage later. Believe me, I was definitely using the physical parts of my past relationships as a crutch in said relationships and it totally showed once I decided to wait.

So if you’re asking yourself why and what’s the big deal behind waiting, then you gotta watch this video! In it, I share four main reasons (for starters!) to help you realize why choosing to wait till marriage is definitely the right move to make if you want to honor God and develop a firm foundation for your relationship!

Click below to enjoy this video!

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