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Ahhh!  If only Mr. McDreamy could become… the One.

How many times did you ever feel like the guy you’re totally into could potentially become the man of your dreams?
He’s saying all the right things and is making you feel all the right kind of ways…
Actually, now that you think about it, he does have all of the qualities that you are looking for.
So should you go for the gold and see where this “thing” takes you or nah?
Common fail, ladies!
We’ve all been there before and it usually gets us nowhere for a really long time.
Heck, I’ve even attempted to make a husband out of a boyfriend once myself!  And I failed miserably.
I remember always trying to push this “aren’t we so great together?” convo with my ex-boyfriend.  I even forced my motives to the point where we ended up living together for a time.  Which didn’t last long.

Here’s a secret for all of you ladies out there hoping that the guy you’re currently into will someday become “the One”:

If he’s not bringing it up, then he’s not thinking about it!

This relationship upgrade is totally off of his radar, and the fact that you continue to take matters into your own hands isn’t going to get you to the marriage finish-line anytime soon.  In fact, it may make things worse.

Guys are, for the most part, VERY straight-up and to the point, especially when it pertains to their own feelings.

So if you’ve been tip-toeing around the discussion of when you and your crush/guy/boyfriend are going to take things to the next level, and he’s not as intrigued about it as you are, then he just might not be that into you.

Or worse, you’re freaking him out and pushing him further away!
See, these are the things you gotta watch out for:

  1. The constant avoidance of the “next level” conversation
  2. The nonchalant redirecting of the conversation to a completely different topic
  3. The silent treatment as you gab on and on about your “future” together
  4. The total lack of response whenever he hears the words, “marriage”, “babies”, “move in together”, or anything else that is referring to you two moving towards the future you desperately want for yourself, and the future he is desperately trying to avoid!

Does this sound about right in your own world?  Can you relate to any of these red flags?  If so, then

You might be forcing your potential love interest down a road that he is not ready for.  

The question today is not “how to make him ready” nor “how to force him to become ‘the One'”…
The real question boils down to this:

WHY are you forcing your crush/guy/boyfriend to become “the One”?

Surely there is a reason why you would put yourself (and your guy) into this stressful mess.  But do you actually know why that is?
In this video, I uncover the God-honest truth about why you may be doing this to yourself and how it could be damaging your love-life more than you know!!

Your turn:  Have you ever tried to force your love interest to become “the One”?  If so, what was your experience like?  And what advice would you give to others?  Share in the comments below!

girl laughing while being carried on back of guy who looks back at her and laughs in a grassy field with pink overlay and white text that reads, "Why You're Forcing Your Guy to Become 'The One'"

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