Oh crap!  You like a guy and now you’re trying WAAAYYYY too hard to get him to like you back!

There are many reasons why one would attempt to pull this off.  I get it.

Also, there are many reasons why your family and friends are looking at you like, “I can’t believe she is just throwing herself at this guy!”  Again, I totally get it.

It all boils down to this: after trying too hard to get a guy to fall for you, you’re destined to feel some kind of way afterward.

Mainly because it’s not gonna work out good in the end.

You might end up feeling either:

  1. rejected
  2. embarrassed
  3. desperate
  4. confused about why it didn’t work out

It could end up with you in a relationship with the wrong guy and the red flags are waving all up in your dead-end relationship.

Or, it could turn out to become one the biggest breakups you’ll ever go through.

And as a single woman, one might not even realize that they are doing this.  I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt here… and the reason why is because I used to be this girl.

I would become the very shadow of my crushes.  And it was downright pathetic.

I would change my style to match theirs.

My music playlist changed to all the same types of music that my crush liked.

I even began to say the same phrases and expressions as them!

It was a bit much, but I didn’t realize my mistake until after I was burned and left alone.

I couldn’t understand why it didn’t work out between us since we had “so much in common”.

Sidenote:  This is mainly why I am sooo into understanding WHO YOU ARE first before looking for a guy!
Also trusting God with your love life doesn’t hurt either.

In fact, if you would’ve just put God first in your relationship, you probably would’ve realized sooner that you wouldn’t have to change who you are and what you like simply to get a man (Hello!)


It didn’t click to me until one night I was texting with an Ex and he sarcastically told me to go back to drinking “Royal Flushes”.  I had no idea what this meant until I realized that he was referring to the alcoholic drink I “used to drink” before I met him.

Once we hooked up, I began drinking whiskey… something I NEVER did until I met him.

Update:  I no longer drink alcohol.  In fact, I left that lifestyle behind when I decided to truly find myself and live a life that was totally dedicated to God.  Because of it, God certainly took care of me and my love life!

Then it hit me:  I was definitely NOT the woman I once was.  And I allowed myself to be so consumed by this man that I totally left the old me behind.

When I decided to be myself and NOT change who I was for a guy, I ended up meeting the man who is now my husband.
Not sayin… just sayin.

So, in today’s video, I share with you (or your friends) exactly WHY women are trying way too hard to get guys to like them AND I’ll cover what you can do about it!  Watch below.

girl laughing at guy as they overlook a river while standing on a bridge with pink overlay and white text reading, "Trying Too Hard to Get a Guy to Like You?"

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