Learning to trust again can be one of the most difficult lessons you could ever face.

The problem for most is that you feel like because you once trusted in the past, why should then be the one to open yourself up a second (or third) time?

Especially when it comes to love and relationships.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve only to have someone take that and totally mistreat it hurts.

As a matter of fact, it sucks!

So yeah, I can see how the desire to want to trust again are slim. And how that guarded choice can affect your entire love life thereafter.

When you truly look at trust in this form, you can see two sides to it:

If you choose not to trust a guy again, because you’ve been burned before, then you’ll be guarding your heart, your true emotions and everything in-between. I mean, playing it safe never hurt anyone, right? BUT, by doing so, you wind up never really opening up to a potential relationship that could be the best relationship you’d ever experience.

And coming from experience, having those walls up all the time gives some great guys an almost impossible chance of getting to know the real you.

I honestly believe this is why so many good guys wind up in the “friend zone”.

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Then you have the other side of the spectrum… the scary side. The side that actually chooses to trust again.

Alas, there’s some moments when you choose to bear your all and it goes terribly wrong. Again. Wtf.

But… BUT… there could be that chance where it doesn’t. Where it would all be worth it. Where you will be thanking God for allowing you to step into all that He has lined up for you.

The biggest question here is: “When do you know it’s ok to trust again?”

Girl, it’s a hard road to overcome but it can be done. If you’re struggling with how to trust again after you’ve been hurt, cheated on, or rebuild trust in a relationship, then stay tuned!

In this video, I’m gonna show how to take the steps necessary to trust again.

Click below to enjoy this video!

In my experience, trusting after being burned in the past felt a lot like a test. Not a test for the next guy I was going to date, but to myself. I always felt like if I didn’t “pass the test” and wound up facing another situation where I got burned then I would fail this test. Which basically made me feel less worthy to date someone good, kind, and worth loving.

Has this ever happened to you?

Sister, I want you to please delete this thought process from your memory! It is tearing you down from the inside out!

Trust is hard, no doubt. But using it as a way to justify your beliefs that you don’t deserve God’s best is not cool.

Nor is the notion that you should automatically know what to do and who to trust in the first place. The condition of one’s heart can only truly be seen and known by God.

The simple fact that you want to move past this guarded state is huge. So please, whatever you do, do NOT connect the fact that you are learning how to trust again with the fact that trusting in what God has in store for you already. God’s blessings will come to you whether you trust yourself or not. Whether you trust in yourself or not.

While learning to trust God will ultimately help you trust in everything else, I get how that can be quite difficult to achieve. So, check out my ebook, “How To Trust God With All Your Heart” below to discover the steps, tips, biblical truths, and prayers that can help you trust God at every single season of your love life!

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