How do you know when it’s time to trust God with your love life?

Perhaps you may already believe that you do. Yet, deep down, you sense something is a bit “off”.

You still haven’t gotten married. Heck, you haven’t even met a potential candidate to fill the position.

Oh wait… now that you think about it… your relationships and the guys you meet do seem to have a lot of red flags waving around. And let’s not even get into your heartache from the last breakup, which totally wrecked you!

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Hmmmm… if God is a part of your love life, and you’re trusting Him with all of it… then why are you still not satisfied when it comes to love?

See, now all of this… THAT is what I was going through when I personally decided that it was time to trust God with love.

You see, growing up, I was a Christian. Went to church, read my Bible, etc. I did all the things. And yet, there was still this disconnect when it came to my love life. There was no peace, a ton of confusion, and I wasn’t well, happy.

Even though I was trusting God with my life, and inviting Him to join me on the ride, I was still in the driver’s seat, trying to call all of the shots. So naturally, when things fell apart, I would question God and His motives.

It got so bad at one point that I even began to question love, marriage, and relationships as a whole. It was at this point in my life that I realized that something was off and that there needed to be a change.

Sometimes, it’s impossible to fix our own problems. If you’re feeling like God is calling you to take over your love life, then you might want to listen.

In this video, I’m sharing with you 3 signs that it’s time to trust God and allow Him to intervene in your love life. If you’re feeling like God is trying to speak to you, then you might want to watch this video!

Click here to watch the video, “3 Signs It Was Tiem for God To Take Over My Love Life”

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