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Are you happy with how successful you currently are in life?

Were you expecting to be more successful?  More accomplished?

At this day and age, there are so many young people out there making between 6-7 figures all under the age of 30!
Mark Zuckerburg founded Facebook at the age of 29!
David Karp founded Tumblr at the age of 27!
Jennifer Carter Fleiss created Rent the Runway (yes, an actual thing where women can actually rent high-end clothing for 4-8 days!) at the age of 29!
Remarkably successful at such a young age and so outside of the norm… or is it?
Read more about these bosses in this article.

HOW DO THEY DO IT??  How is it even possible?  Check out how they do it in this episode!

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 We like to call this bunch, the “Overachievers”.

You might know a few of them.  You might even be one of them.
You know an “Overachiever” when you have seen them:  They’re the ones who wake up before 5 a.m. to go jogging, reads the Wall Street Journal, enjoys a balanced breakfast, gets in another workout (in addition to that jog they had earlier), sends a few emails, writes up a phenomenal blog, and gets it all done with time to spare “before their days begins” at 7 a.m.!
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Do you really want to know how they do this?
Do you really want to become one of those individuals that own their life like a BOSS?  How does being successful just come so naturally to them?  It doesn’t.  But they do possess one thing.

The difference between the people who go the distance and the ones who want to go the distance is… The push.

2018 PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner
The push is where you’re going to discover who you are, what you really value, and where you stand.
You might have goals and aspirations and you might have a plan for where you want your future to be and look like.  But are you really pushing yourself to reach them?
It’s like when you decide to workout for the very first time.
You go to the gym prepared.  You’ve got everything you need to have a great workout.  All of your fitness apps are synced and ready.  Your workout playlist is perfect.  Then you start your workout.

Your motives are there.  Your focus is there.

But as soon as you start to sweat, and the workout gets intense, and your muscles are shaky from lifting more weight than what you’re used to…

Do you push through your tough workout or do you call it a day and say that your workout was great?

How about the next day?  When your muscles are sore…
Do you push through it or do you take a day off, allow your body to heal, and feel content with your workout from before?
Being successful comes from the determination to push when everything else in life is telling you to fold.
When you have a goal and you have a dream, and you have a plan to achieve it, do you push through the hard times and give each day your very best, or do you stop and congratulate yourself at the end of the day when things began to get a little tough?

Stop pausing yourself just when you begin to feel the heat.  Push past the heat until you begin to see things cooking!

Where do you want to be?
Who do you strive to be?

Are you ok with the simple nudge in life or are you ready to give yourself the push?

The push is where you start to build muscle, get stronger, and see results.
You won’t regret the push.  And I guarantee that you’ll absolutely love your results.

Are you ready for the push?  If so, then comment below and share what it is that you are gonna get ready to sweat for this season!

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