Have you ever been in the talking stage with someone just a tad bit longer than you’d like?

Don’t get me wrong– there’s no rush when it comes to finding the right man to set up the right relationship in your life. However, there may just come a time in that phase of getting to know one another where you’re ready to take it up a notch.

Not to mention that then you’re simply “talking” to someone, you might also be talking to other people too!

And yes, before you even go there, I am a firm believer that until you guys make it official, you are allowed to date whomever you want, whenever you want!

This brings us back to this talking phase. The only way into an exclusive relationship with someone is to successfully agree to move out of this particular phase. And well, if you guys aren’t really talking about it, then you might be stuck here for a while.

Now, it could get messy here waiting to make some moves, and yet, no one is actually moving. And yes, prayer is definitely a move of faith that pertains to this scenario, however, it cannot be the only thing you do, sis! You’ve got to take some action and have some big-girl conversations.

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But how? And… what exactly would you say? What if he’s not ready? Or worse, what if he rejects you?

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All of these fears could keep you grounded in a talking stage because let’s be honest: sometimes it’s easier to sit comfortably (and idly!) in something than to be sitting uncomfortably alone in nothing!

For this reason, many really good catches are feeling stuck in limbo with guys who aren’t trying to commit anytime soon. It becomes a waiting game to see when you two will actually get together and establish a relationship.

Sis, if you ask me, you’re a bit too old for games! And your time and energy definitely don’t have the time to deal with all of that!

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Do you like someone but you’re struggling with how to get out of the talking stage? In this video, I share FIVE simple tips that you can do to help you get out of the talking phase and into something a bit more exclusive! Click below to enjoy the video!

Click here to watch the video, “5 Simple Stips For Getting Past the Talking Stage”

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