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You had a good run. Your relationship was something that you gave 110% to, day in and day out. Now the times have changed.
He may have done something that lost your trust forever.
You may have felt some kind of way for some time and now it’s just time to call it quits.
The breakup happens.
But now he wants you back.

Question is: Should you take your Ex back??

Click below to check out a few considerations to really help you make that decision.

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You have to remember why it is that you broke up with your ex in the first place.

Did he cheat on you?
Did he hurt you?
Why he lying to you?
Did he lose your trust for good?
Whatever the case may be, keep that fact, and lock it into your short-term memory.
Women tend to lose sight of why they broke up with their ex in the first place!

Here’s why:
During your breakup season, you are still filled with the emotions and the feelings that you once felt for your ex. Because of this, you’re not paying much attention to the most recent feelings of hurt, pain, anger, frustration, etc. that lead you to breakup in the first place.

Women tend to be in denial of the breakup feelings and actions because they still want to hold on to the feelings that made them feel good before.  Therefore, they take their ex back in hopes of regaining the feelings they once shared.

So now that you recalled the reasons why you decided to breakup with you ex, consider the following questions:
Why do I want to get back together?
Why this particular person?
What are my closest loved ones saying?
(Sidenote: if your loved ones praised the day you broke up with your ex, and are now only telling you, “as long as you’re happy, then I’m happy” after you tell them that you’re considering taking him back, then this is a dead giveaway letting you know that they really don’t want you to take him back!)
Does the good of the relationship outweigh the bad of the relationship?

Here’s my final thought:

If you decide that taking your ex back is the right thing to do (for you and no one else), then understand this: your “victim” card has officially been revoked.
We’ve all heard the saying,
“Fool me once, shame on them. Fool me twice, shame on you.”
Yes! If you were once fooled by your man and decide to take him back without seeing any true change or improvement, then…you fell right into the same trap that you just came out of!
In reality, you know you can do sooooo much better!  But hey, the choice is yours if you choose to take your Ex back.  At the end of the day, only you can decide what’s best for your heart.
You are listening to your heart, aren’t you?

And remember, if you need help making the best decision for you, then let’s chat and get to the choice that will be the best move for you to make in the long-run!

Did you ever take back your ex? How did it go for you?  Share below in the comments!

guy wearing hoodie and backwards cap sits on rock and overlooks mountains and valley with pink overlay and white text that reads, "Should You Take Your Ex Back?"

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