Many women find it awfully intimidating when it comes to knowing how to study the Bible.

There are so many moving parts to it all. I can see how it can become confusing. For starters, there are all of the books that are included in the Bible itself. Not to mention the growing list of Bible translations. And should I even bring up the additional “Bible study” supplements? The books, devotionals, apps, programs, studies, etc. It’s almost enough to make you not even bother to understand it in the first place!

Oh, but you do. You actually do want to figure out how to study it. Why? Because it’s the living Word of God! By reading the Bible, and actually studying it, you get a glimpse of God Himself. You can receive words of affirmation, encouragement, and instruction. And it can help you when you need it most!

However, they don’t make it easy, do they? (“They” being the “Bible scholars” and “Bible thumbers” alike!) I mean, at the end of the day, all you really wanna do is actually pick up the BIBLE and study it! Not some other book that talks about the Bible, but the Bible itself.

So, in a sea of overwhelming material, how can you actually achieve this?

I’ve been studying the Bible myself for a long time now. Whether I’m reading a new book that I’ve never read before, or I’m reading something for the 5th time, the Words still speak to me. And through my own personal experience, I would like to help you cut through the commotion to help you create your own plan on how to actually study the Bible!

I can attest that by reading, and learning how to study the Bible, my faith has grown. My character has strengthened and I’ve become wiser. And I definitely have been able to better understand relationships and how to apply what I’ve learned from the Bible towards enhancing them.

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Do you desire to know how to study the Bible? In this video, I’m gonna share FIVE basic steps to help you break down the Bible and create the study time you’ve been craving!

Click below to enjoy this video!

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