Are you struggling with trying to figure out how to strengthen your relationship with God?

Sure, I was a Christian girl my whole life. Went to church pretty regularly as a kid, youth groups, retreats, read my Bible, all that. And yet, as an adult, the only relationship I truly had with God was a remote one.

You see, God and I had an understanding (or so I thought!). I figured, as long as I knew who God was, and believed that He was my access into heaven, then I was ok! I knew someone who could get me into the livest place ever! That was all I needed… or so I thought!

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Once I became an adult and my relationships got a little too messy for me, I started to crave change. My life was passing by and I wasn’t feeling any growth, joy, or peace for that matter. Slowly but surely, God was pulling me back to Him.

I went from wanting to go to the clubs and bars with my friends every night to allofasudden I now wanted to go to a church. And not just any church either! I wanted to go somewhere that would actually help me strengthen my relationship with God!

This urge to change my life was totally fresh and new. It was exactly what I needed to and had been craving. Only there was just one little problem…

I had no idea how to do that! I knew that whatever I used to do in the past was not going to help me reach the level of closeness that I was longing for when it comes to how to strengthen my relationship with God. Especially when my relationships with men were totally different!

Over time, I was able to figure it out and I absolutely LOVE the relationship status that I now have with God when it comes to my faith. From it, I not only became a totally new woman, but God has blessed me with a life BEYOND my wildest dreams!

Now, in the process of growing my relationship with God, I discovered two very important truths to help me dive deep and grow a natural love and closeness to God. I’m pretty sure that if you apply these two things, you too, will also be able to get closer to God. And trust, once you do that, all of the other relationships in your life will be impacted as well!

In this video, I’m going to share some ways to help you upgrade that relationship status AND how it will help you in other relationships as well! Click below to watch and enjoy!

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