Can we please talk about how you need you stop pretending right now?

I get it, I get it.

You just broke up. Things are hard. You don’t even wanna talk about it.

But at the same time, you’re going out more, you’re drinking, you’re partying, and you’re taking random selfies alone and with random guys.

Girl, that is not you!

And I can understand why you would even do this too! Because back in the day, I used to do the same thing.

As crazy as it sounds, I used to spiral into this self-destruct behavior too. Only, I didn’t call it that, because I actually thought I was doing the right thing.

Yes, I used to force myself to go out and have fun with other people.

I would force myself to get to know other guys when deep down, all I wanted to do was go home and feel sad.

But no way! My friends would not let me do that! They would force me to put on makeup, go to a party, and not talk about what was eating me alive.

I was pretending. And eventually, I got really good at it.

So much so, that it goes to the point where I never gave myself time to process any breakup whatsoever. I would simply be sad at the moment, then move onto the next one.

Why? Because that’s what all the songs and movies tell us to do. Because whoever dumped me wasn’t worth my tears. Because I’m too good to be at home moping around for some guy who simply couldn’t see that.

But man did I learn the hard way.

Little did I know that when I actually did stop pretending is when ALL of my grief came pouring out. And it completely wrecked me.

Turns out that when I finally let myself be sad to get over the pain that came with a breakup, all the pain from all the other breakups I ever had was poured out too.

And while that was no easy walk in the park to experience, it was the best thing that had ever happened to my love life.

In this video, I keep it all the way real and let you know why you need to stop pretending that you’re over him when you’re really not.

Click below to enjoy this video!

Be sure to get these breakup resources to help you process & move on from your breakup season!

girl staring down at a field with blank stare while hair blows around her from the wind with pink overlay and white text that reads, "Stop Pretending You're Over Him When You're Not"

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