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You’re still single… and it’s a bit annoying.

I get it.
You’re tired of being single.

You want that warm fuzzy feeling with a gorgeous man.
Maybe “Netflix and Chill” with someone who is planning to stay for the entire series (and forever after that).

You not only want to feel loved but you want to BE LOVED.

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And I totally get it.
Sure, it’s empowering to be all about yourself for a season (in fact, I highly encourage it!)
But every so often, you just wanna feel what it feels like to love someone again.
The only problem is…you can’t find the right guy…
You only tend to meet the wrong guys.  Either that, you wind up running into your Ex and he’s basically you’re the only option, right?
So because of you continue to strike out in your love life, there MUST be something wrong with YOU that would explain why you’re still single, right??

In this episode, I get real about what’s exactly why you’re still single (when you’re desperately trying not to be) and how to fix it so that you can finally attract the love you’re craving!

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Your turn:  Boldly state in the comments section below WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU STAND FOR!!  And declare to the world that you ARE a woman whose worth real love!

girl with bangs stares straight ahead while holding a pile of lights

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