Sure, every Christian wants to stay pure when they start dating someone. But take it from me, it’s not as easy as you think it is.

Let’s rewind the story for a sec. In my early 20s I was Miss Independent and nobody could tell me anything! I was on top of the world, a college girl, doing her own thing! And while I thought I was daring and doing my own thing, I was very much still a virgin.

That is until I wasn’t. My first experience was dreadful. I felt so convicted for it! Why? Because all of my life, I was told to “wait until marriage”. Well, sure enough, throughout all of my college days, I felt this conviction in me each time I chose to do the exact opposite.

I won’t go into details but even though I was experiencing my love life in a way that wasn’t aligned with God’s Word, I still very much felt God with each relationship I had. From the butterflies to the breakups, I knew that God was always with me and that He had a plan for my love life. One that would make me feel complete, whole, at peace, and full of the love and freedom that I had prayed of having all along.

Fast forward to my late 20’s. I am finally letting God lead in my life. And it was beautiful… so far. I knew that in order to find the man that God had for me, I had to date His way. And that meant that I would need to stay pure from beginning to end.

Sounded cool at first. I was all in. Until I met my husband. His strong jawline. His beautiful curly hair. The arch of his back. His facial hair.

Yup. I was very much attracted to him. And I definitely wanted to be with him. But… there was just one thing: I had never had an actual relationship where I was pure enough to NOT focus on all of those things!

And sis, let me tell you something. It’s hard going forward when all you’ve ever done was go backward! In other words, it was difficult for me (and him!) to grow closer together without a physical connection, when all we’ve ever done in our previous relationships were use that same physical connection to draw closer to our ex-partners!

The temptation was real! But, I’m happy to say that we successfully did it! We managed to get meet at the altar, two years after deciding to date one another, and shared our very first kiss as husband and wife. Our wedding night was unlike any other. It was a night that I will always remember and cherish for the rest of my life.

Now, were we perfect? Not at all! And this post is here to let you know that our decision to stay pure was not easy! We struggled at times. And once we got engaged, we struggled even more! All the way to the very end, the enemy was there trying to get us to fall short of the promise we made to ourselves and each other.

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So, sis, I gotta ask… How do you STAY PURE in dating when you’re tempted not to???

In this video, I’m gonna share FOUR THINGS I personally did in my relationship that helped me stay a good girl when I was tempted to do bad things!! Click below to enjoy this video!

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