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Hey Girl Hey!

My name is Selina Almodovar and I am a Christian Relationship Author & Vlogger! 

I love helping women rediscover themselves so that they can reignite their relationship with God, attract love, and enjoy marriage!  I speak to the women who are single based on my hot-mess single-life from my early 20’s AND I speak to the wives who are simply trying to love their husbands and enjoy a lasting marriage-life.

Most of my work can be found in the form of books, videos, and posts that I share on Instagram!

Check out below what I have to offer to help you learn about yourself & your love life!

I Offer Two Free Quizzes!

Based On Your Quiz Results, I Then Offer Insight & Inspiration Based On Three Stages Of Your Love Life…

Stage 1:  The “Recover” Stage

This is the stage where you recover from any hurt, pain, breakup, loss, or other negative experiences you may have encountered in your love life.  It’s super important that before you move forward, you allow yourself time to process, grieve, and heal.  Without the recover stage, you’ll be walking into a butt-load of baggage-filled relationships, and as your girl, I cannot let that happen!

While the times may have been tough, this season is going to be used to help you overcome, grow, and rise up as the Queen that you are!

Here are ALL THE WAYS you can invest in yourself to recover from your past love life experiences!

Stage 2:  The “Rediscover” Stage

This is the stage where you “rediscover” who you are.  Being in a relationship can change you, and so can a breakup.  So rather than rush into something new, let’s take a minute and look deeply into who you are now that you done been through some things and learned some valuable lessons!

This season, dive into the relationships that matter the most:  the one you have with yourself and the one you have with God!

Here are ALL THE WAYS you can invest in yourself to rediscover who you are and where God is when it comes to your love life!

Stage 3:  The “Redefining” Stage

This is the stage where you are ready emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to get back into the dating scene in hopes of landing a solid relationship.  But we’re not gonna treat this like all those past seasons.  No, no, this time, you now know some things!  You done been through some stuff!

And you’re gonna USE THAT EXPERIENCE to help you love smarter!  It’s time to REDEFINE what love looks like according to your mind, spirit, and heart!

Here are ALL THE WAYS you can invest in yourself to redefine your dating season and future relationships!

I Offer Tools & Resources In The Form Of…

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