For Single Women

For Dating Women

For Married Women

I provide content that will speak to you:  the modern-day Christian woman.  I give practical encouragement to the topics you experience when it comes to love, faith, and relationships.


I share bits of my past mistakes & what it’s like to be single, how to increase your faith, how to enjoy this super critical season of your love life, and also what you can do to prepare yourself for godly love.  


Since this was a very challenging season in my life, I share all of the basic building bricks you would wanna know when it comes to having a relationship totally devoted & centered on God.  


Congrats!  But, now, more than ever, you need to know where you stand with Christ, and what you’re doing to make sure that your future marriage is aligned with the values you’ve been praying for.


I share my ongoing journey in how my husband and I have maintained a healthy marriage after 7 years, still in love and still keeping God first in everything we set out to do!


Sometimes, you just need a word of encouragement to help you keep it together and remember why going to God is the best thing you can do, regardless of what stage of love you’re in.  


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