There is nothing more attractive in a man of God than to have him be grounded in his spiritual leadership.

As a woman of faith, you’re most likely drawn to his drive to seek God, and that makes you feel secure in the fact that together, you both would be drawing closer to God! Which is totally awesome!

Especially during those dating seasons, when you are still trying to figure out whether this is the man for you… yeah, having him be a spiritual leader is a HUGE green light!

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That’s exactly what Kyle was for me. On our first date, he asked me what my favorite Bible verse was… I freaked out and gave him the only one I knew! Talk about an upfront approach about where he stood with his faith!

From that point on, I just knew that I wouldn’t have to wonder whether or not I would have to juggle spaces between my faith and my new relationship.

Fast forward a bit. Kyle and I have been married for going on eight years now. Together, we’ve experienced many highs and lows since that first date. We’ve had to deal with babies, family deaths, moving to new homes, buy new homes, renovations, infertility, miscarriage, and a whole global pandemic.

You better believe that there have been moments in our relationship where Kyle was not the man with the same fire that he once had when we first met.

That’s what I wanna talk to you about today.

You see, you can find a man who’s great. In fact, he’s perfect for you. And he showed you at some point in your relationship that he had a strong sense of spiritual leadership skills. However, what happens when your man loses his flame and isn’t stepping up the way he once did?

The first thing that most women think is that there is something they can do to help their man out. You want to nudge them to go back to their old ways. You encourage them to do things that would enhance their role as a spiritual leader. Then you downright tell them what you want them to do in order to grow spiritually with them.

Are those the right things to do? Is that the right direction that you should be going in? Will taking those steps actually help you help your man step up his spiritual leadership?

In this video, I share ALL the deets that address the question, “Can you get your man to spiritually lead?” I cover options that address those who are dating AND those in marriage! This is the Christian relationship advice that you won’t want to miss!

Click below to enjoy this video!

There are so many things to consider when you are addressing this topic. Yet, the most important thing you have to keep in mind is you and your man aren’t going through this hurdle alone. Don’t forget to allow God into the mix! Bring Him into your conversation and look to Him when you feel that your man isn’t stepping up in this area! Most importantly, TRUST WHERE GOD IS LEADING YOU! He will always and forever stand as your spiritual leader.

Need advice on your specific relationship? Set up a one-on-one call with me today and let’s enhance your love life together!

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