Ever wonder how to bring the spark back into your marriage?

Your marriage is great. Better than great. You’ve been together to some time now and you hardly have any real arguments. You parent your kids like a dream team. Yet… somewhere in that goodness, lies the hidden fact that something just isn’t there anywhere.

Where did that “honeymoon spark” go and how can you get that spark back?

Of course, naturally, everyone always assumes that the spark is missing because it has something to do with the marriage bed. But is that really the case? Is that the answer to this mystery?

My opinion is this: There are multiple levels of intimacy that must be shared within a marriage. Which of those levels you are lacking in may have some ties behind how you can personally get your spark back.

There is a reason why God created us to have the deepest intimacy in marriage– the sexual activities between a husband and a wife. Yet, in order to get to that level, there was a love and a bond that had to have been formed prior to.

So, while everyone may “think” that the answer is sex, I’d like to think otherwise.

And if you’re really serious about how you can get the spark back in your own marriage, then take a look at this video! Your marriage is solid but has it lost its sparkle??  Here are FOUR things to consider to help you bring the sparkle back to your marriage!  

Click below to enjoy this video!

I actually did a video on “How to get in the mood for sex” when it comes to your marriage. It actually, umm, happens to be my highest viewed video. Be sure to check that out!

Before you go straight into thinking that maybe this is a sex issue, I want you to think about these four things first.

1. Talk about the missing spark with your spouse.

The first thing that you want to do what you want to talk about it with your spouse. He might be feeling at there’s a spark that’s gone. But do you guys ever just bring it out into the open? I understand that this is a conflict and a lot of people don’t like to talk about conflict- they like to avoid conflict at all costs.

But sister, what you have to understand is by you avoiding this conflict, it’s making the conflict even bigger. To the point where it becomes such a big problem that you can’t control it.

And SIDENOTE: if you are having problems talking to your spouse, then you should totally download my resource.”Speak, Listen & Love: How to Have a Productive Conversation with your Husband”. It’s going to give you all types of tips and walkthroughs and ah-ha’s about how you can go ahead and bring these kinds of really difficult conversations up to the surface so that you guys can start getting your life together in your marriage can respark and have the magic like it used to!

2. Be open to trying new things.

I’m not just talking about new things in bed. Be open to trying new dates, double dates, trying different games, or going to see different things. Maybe there are some things that your husband likes that you never tried because you’re like, “that’s not me. I don’t go hiking. I don’t go camping.” Maybe now’s the time to be open to that.

Just because you’re in the same marriage doesn’t mean that your marriage can’t grow and the only way that you can grow it is by pulling yourself out of that COMFORT ZONE and being able and open to trying, uh, new things.

3. Be willing to make some investments.

You might have a problem feeling sexy in bed. It might require you to make an investment in some clothes or some products.You might need to be open to investing in a marriage getaway.

You might be open to investing in some products that, I don’t know a relationship vlogger probably put out there a long time ago to help you understand how you can bring Christ in the center of your marriage, keep your marriage bed sacred sexy and satisfying. I’m just saying!

Those things can teach you how you can take your marriage to the next level and that would teach you how to bring the spark back into your marriage!

4. Remember how it all began.

Here’s a question for you.

Why did you fall in love with your husband in the first place?

Why did you fall in love with your husband in the first place?

Why did you say “I do”?

What was the reason?

How did you feel when you had that first dance?

Where did all of that go?

Rather than to think about right now is about back then.What’s now missing? Maybe it’s time to remember how to bring those things back into your life so that you can experience them again. And you can fall in love with your husband all over again.

Those are just some things that maybe you might want to, you know, consider and, and you know, try out for yourself and your marriage. As I said, it doesn’t always have to be a sex thing.It can be a mental-emotional-spiritual thing. And the only way that you’re going to be able to do that is by allowing yourself to be open to the concept of being new, being invested, and being fresh in your memories of what drew you to this place in the first place.

Trust that whatever God puts together, no man can separate! And as long as you’re willing to fight for your marriage and do something to bring that spark back, I promise you the spark will come!

If you guys are both extending that branch to work on it and work on yourself.

What are some things that you have tried in your marriage to help bring that spark back? Go ahead and share your thoughts in the comments below!

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