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Resources for the E-Book Readers:

Personal Prayers Extention 


These worksheets were designed to help you add to your prayers while still enjoying the e-book version!  You can either download these worksheets to print out or, you can save them and type directly onto the sheet so that you have an electronic copy to keep!

Resources For all Readers:

Love Trust Test

Prayer Requests!

If you are in need of personal prayer, then click here to submit your request to Selina!  She’ll stand in faith with you as your sister in Christ and respond with a personalized prayer!

Creating Your Own Personal Prayers (Handout)


How does one pray to God?  While Jesus gave us a complete outline of what should look like in The Lord’s Prayer, sometimes, getting up front and personal in those prayers can be difficult!

This handout will guide you step-by-step towards a personalized prayer I used that is filled with praise, worship, confession, and praying for others as well as yourself!

How to Have an Intimate Moment with God (Audio)

This 15-minute video exercise will help you walk through a visual that will allow you to encounter God and receive His love!

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What to do When Waiting on God’s Timing (one of my very first videos!!)

5 Ways to Be Happy Being Single

Christian Dating & God:  How to Balance the Two Relationships!

What to DO (and NOT DO) When You Break Up With Your Boyfriend

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