Do you know what it’s like to be single with nosey relatives?

They are all up in your business for no reason!

Oh, and don’t mind the fact that you probably discovered the cure to cancer or traveled around the world! No! If you’re not boo’d up during the holidays then you must be miserable.

Especially with the holiday season already being so stressful considering the fact that you actually would prefer NOT to be single…

Still, it doesn’t help that Granny looks at you like you’re the poorest little thing on earth.

Yup… I’ve been there.

It’s one thing to talk about this stuff with someone who can understand your situation. Someone who understands that you simply don’t bring up this topic at the dinner table unless you bring it up first.

But ladies, let’s be real here. There are a number of reasons why your relatives do what they do. There’s a legitimate explanation as to why your relatives are so nosey during the holidays…

First off, you sort of set yourself up for it.

There. I said it. You’ve been posting about nothing else BUT your love life drama on social media all year long and you wanna get upset when someone brings it up? Don’t be that girl.

Another reason is simply put, being single with nosey relatives is just a way of life.

And while it may seem like you are walking around with a big green-and-red target behind your back, the truth is that relatives are nosey period.

If you’re dating someone, they’re gonna wanna know when you’re gonna get married.

When you’re engaged, they’re gonna wanna know all things about the wedding.

Got a husband? They wanna know when the kids are coming.

And so on.

I think it’s just a matter of the fact that we don’t necessarily see these relatives as often as we used to perhaps when we were younger.

With social media taking over the internet, our relatives have taken nosiness to a whole new level! Now, they can learn all about you without having to wait an entire year the holidays to roll around!

This is probably a nightmare for you though, right? What this all boils down to is that being single with nosey relatives is humiliating. They assume that your life isn’t complete until a man is present, and that’s just not the case.

The times have changed! Our love lives have evolved!

And yes, it can get pretty annoying, awkward, and embarrassing when a nosey relative just doesn’t get.

So, how can you survive this holiday season so that you walk away with gifts, a full belly, and your dignity?

In this video, I share with you what you can do to survive the holidays when you’re single with nosey relatives!

Click below to enjoy this video!

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Perhaps your nosey relatives would be thrilled to purchase them for you this holiday season * wink wink*!

girl with ponytail sipping on winter festive coffee cup standing in front of holiday light display with pink overlay and white text that reads, "Survive the Holidays Being Single With Nosey Relatives"

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