Are you struggling to feel peace about your single season? Many single Christian women are! And the reasons why are endless.

When I was single, I didn’t want to be. As in, I had zero intentions of breaking up with my ex. I got dumped. So, as we start there, the thought of being single was already held a negative view for me. It definitely may feel the same for others as well.

Because I was so used to being involved in a relationship, life didn’t feel “right” whenever I was single. It was uncomfortable. It made me feel like my whole life was off.

Whenever I found myself single, I did whatever I could to get out of the uncomfortable “single” state that I was in… by immediately going on dates, and paying attention to new guys who could potentially become new relationships.

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It was not until my close friend challenged me to be single for at least six months that I actually sat in that season-long enough to feel what it felt like. Turns out, I did not like it. And being single was a challenge. Why? Because being in a relationship was all I knew.

Looking back at it all, it wasn’t until I became a Christian who was serious about putting God first in my life that I actually enjoyed being single! I no longer craved attention from guys. I enjoyed going out on my own to the movies, shopping, or to a coffee shop. Believe it or not, it was actually hard for me to reel back some of those alone-time moments once I met my boyfriend and had to now balance the relationship with everything else! (Of course, this is a practice that I do to this very day!)

I say all of this to say that it was in my single season (and only in that single season!) that I discovered something about myself that I would have never discovered had I been so invested in the likes of men. And I am forever grateful and thankful for my season of singleness for this very reason! This is why I’d like to share this love life lesson with you today.

So what changed? What made me go from dreading the thought of singleness or all of sudden enjoying it?

For me, and for many single women out there, there comes a shift in yourself when you no longer depend on a man for happiness and security, and instead look to God.

But not everyone gets there so easily. For many, the transition of going from a relationship (you thought was aligned with God’s plans!) into a season where you are alone can be pretty tough!

This is why I believe that before you go dating again, there is at least ONE THING that you should do first! If you’re out there, struggling to feel peace about your single season, then keep reading (and watching!) In this video, I share ONE THING that you must do as single Christian women before dating to help you reset yourself and bounce back into the dating scene better than ever!

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