Have you ever felt so burnt out that you were just done with everything?

I’m talking about you just flat-out stop answering your phone and hide behind your sheets waiting for it to all be over.

Only, it’s not over. It’s far far away from being over. People are depending on you. Deadlines are coming up. There is just too much to do and absolutely not enough time.

So then you fall into this trap of body shutdown. Where all you really wanna do is sleep and your brain cannot even process the show that you’re watching on Netflix anymore.

And if only you could just take a day off this one time, to get yourself together. But even when you try to, you can’t really relax because you’re too stressed about all of the things that have to be done like RIGHT NOW.

I’ve definitely been there. I think most of have. It’s called being burnt out.

If you’re not careful, this type of living could become your actual lifestyle. Which is definitely not a healthy way to live at all.

You see, we’re ambitious. We get the job done. Everyone knows it, hence why they rely on us so much.

Which is cool and all, I mean, you’re tough. You can handle it. Until you can’t anymore.

In comes the burnout. In comes the paralyzing rush of stress, shame (for not being able to handle it all) and guilt for letting everyone down…

Then you have a “woosah” moment. Feel better (for a short period of time) and then go back to doing the very same things that got you feeling like this in the first place!


Sister, this is not the way to live your life! You are young! WE are young! There is way more to life than this. But in over to truly enjoy it, we gotta learn how to overcome feeling burnt out.

Let me also remind you that one thing you really need is probably the one thing you aren’t truly making time for.

Sister, you are burnt out and it’s no bueno! In this video, I share what you can do to help you through it and why seeking God is gonna be a HUGE factor to overcome it!

Click below to enjoy this video!

One thing is certain: When you’re feeling burnt out, that’s a clear indication that God’s presence is missing.

No doubt about it.

You may be reading your Bible, and setting time aside to actually pray, but your heart isn’t there.

Stress, overwhelm, worry, anxiety… none of those things describe our God.

If you’re spending time with Him and you’re still feeling this way, then #checkyourheart and get serious about what’s going on in that time you set with Him.

Are you focused on all of the things that are falling off your plate? Or, are you allowing God to deal with it, speak to you, direct you towards a less stressful lifestyle, and restoring you to a place of peace?

Mark your moments with Him as invested measures that’ll soothe the fires of your burnout. He is Your Rock. He is Your Rest.

So take a deep breath, and let Him in!

How does seeking God help you whenever you’re feeling burnt out? Share in the comments below!

girl looking stressed with messy top bun stares out over lake view during sunset hours with pink overlay and white text that reads, "Seeking God When You're Burnt Out"

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