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It’s a touchy subject that no one ever wants to talk about…
Yet if we don’t understand it, how will we ever overcome it?
I’m talking about…the PMS.

What if I told you that there was a way to finally handle PMS when it comes to your girl, wife, friend, or even yourself?

In today’s episode, I’m spilling all the secrets to let you know exactly what to expect when your female friend gets a monthly visit from her friend “Flo”.

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It all started when I was dating my husband (before we were married) years ago.  There was one particular season where I began going through some motions…

Ladies, you know the motions I’m talking about:  the cranky, irritated, “I don’t want to talk to you”, “don’t touch me”, “I feel so blah and if you bother me I’m going to chew your head off” kind of motions…
Otherwise known as, the “Menzies”.  These are common emotions that we all go through every month.

And I couldn’t quite communicate exactly how to express what I was going through other than to let him know it was my time of the month.

He totally gets that and understood, but the discussion stopped there because…whoever wants to talk about that?
For guys who don’t get it, PMS is simply the time of the month that is gross, icky, and makes women cracky, uptight, and crave chocolate.  All of which is true, however, there is so much more to this!
Leaving our conversation solely at “it’s that time of the month” didn’t help anyone because I still showed him a piece of my “Tropic Thunder” and chewed his head off for no good reason.

So I developed a way to express what women go through, without the graphic details, so that friends, lovers, and the world can finally understand how to deal with, and survive PMS.

For starters, PMS is not just a “once a month” thing…it goes on all month long.
There are four seasons that occur each month.

Each week of the month will represent a “season”.

For those who are aiming to understand and survive all of this, it’s your job to figure out which “season” your girl is in.  For girls going through it, it’s your job to express which “season” you’re in.
So take notes (and thank me later).
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Season 1:  The Flood

It’s exactly what it sounds like.  It is what it is.  During the flood, you take for cover.  Energy levels are low.  Motivation is low.  Sweatpants are in.  Your best bet is to wait this out.

Season 2:  Sunny Days

After the flood season the sun comes out and things are looking up.   This is exactly what happens physically to women as well.  Your girl is happy, in a good mood, hormone levels are up, and she is back to her usual self.
This is a great week to plan trips, weddings, special date nights, etc. because your girl will be in a great mood and will be emotionally stable.

Season 3:  Fertile Grounds

Once the flood takes place and the sun has been shining for a while, the grounds become fertile and are ready to sow.  Literally.  What this means is that emotionally, your girl will be OK.  She won’t have the greatest mood as she did during the “sunny days”, but she’s not terrible either.  Things will continue to be stable except for one thing…
This week is when your girl is fertile.  She is most likely to conceive.  So if any married couples are interested in growing their family, this would be the week to focus on.  Likewise, if you aren’t ready for that next step, use extra caution.

Season 4:  The Storm

Storms are bad.  They’re messy.  They’re ugly.  And that is exactly what happens during the third week after the “flood” season.
This is the season where you need to brace yourself, tread lightly, and really pay close attention to your girl’s PMS symptoms.

Her hormones will be all over the place and could lead to cravings, irritation, headaches, cramping, sudden outbursts of rage, sudden meltdowns, crying for no reason, uber sensitive, definite drop in libido (which is also the reason why she doesn’t want to be touched!), and YES, chocolate will become crucial!

To be completely honest, the drop in hormones might also make this person very indecisive.  This is totally NOT an excuse for women who are generally indecisive ALL THE TIME.  This is a physical thing that actually happens during this time of the month.

During the storm season, it will become very overwhelming to make decisions.  So if you’re girl can’t decide on what to eat, where to go, what to do, then chances are, she’s storming.

Because of the storm, there’s a lot of rain…and guess what happens when there’s a lot of rain…
The flood comes back.
So there you have it.  My breakdown of how PMS works, and how you can survive it throughout each month.
I cannot express how many times this PMS breakdown has helped my husband and I avoid fights, conflicts, and insanity!  It’s helped him understand what I’m feeling, why I’m feeling a certain way, and what he can do to help the situation.  It’s helped me get my husband on board with my emotions and physical reactions to something I can’t control

Could taking a Midol help?  Sure.  Do exercise and a healthy diet help?  Absolutely.  But every woman is different, and so are her hormones.

So until you figure out what works best for you and your personal physical balance, I suggest you communicate with others what’s going on so that they can be prepared, know what to expect, and survive!
I hope you take these seasons into consideration the next time you’re with your girl.  I guarantee that this will help you and your girl for seasons to come.

What are some survival tips you use to help you (and others) deal with PMS?  Share in the comments below!

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