I’ve read a TON many books on love and relationships. So, I thought it would be fitting if I began to post book reviews. And the very first book I wanted to was my very own: The Single Woman’s Prayer Book.

I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was thirteen years old and I had just got into another argument with my mom. We never saw eye-to-eye in that season.

I remember thinking how messed up my life was. Often times I would even think about what life would be like without me.

I was a very depressed and angry child back then. Yet there was this still small voice inside of me saying that I would one day write a book.

Flash forward to my early 20’s and having gone through all of the relationship mishaps in my days. Again, that voice would always come back. During the deep of my pain, it would tell me that I would write a book.

Now, I always knew that I would one day write a book. But I never knew that the book I would write would become a prayer book.

What the heck is a prayer book, you might be asking?

Simply put, it is a book of pre-written prayers that you would say based on a particular topic.

When I fully came to Christ after one too many breakup breakdowns, I had no idea how to pray.

But I definitely knew that I needed to pray so badly.

So I started looking into these prayer books. I would use them to speak the words that I felt in my heart. Yet had no idea how to put them together into adequate prayers.

Today, I am what you would call a “prayer warrior”. I pray all the time, for everything, and everyone. And I owe it all to the prayer books that I used to help me heal from my past love life. They helped me learn how to feel comfortable and confident praying to God

In all of the books that I read regarding this topic, none of them spoke directly to my love life. None of them were specifically about letting go of my past relationships. Or how to forgive my Ex (though, many prayer books did cover how to “forgive others”.)

And let’s be real here, it’s cool to be single, but eventually, you even need a prayer for that!

Then there’s the time when you actually find a guy you like and you start to date him… I DEFINITELY needed a prayer on that.

Now feeling comfortable enough to pray specifically for these things that I was experiencing, it was time to create a new prayer book. This time, it would cover the needs and requests of single women going through their singleness.

In comes the Single Woman’s Prayer Book! It consists of 30 individual prayers revolving around four major topics: Relationship with God, Removing Baggage, Embracing Singleness, and Preparing for Mr. Right.

These prayers were definitely some true-hearted journal entries that I penned down during my single days. I have a feeling that you’ll absolutely love them! But not only that, but you’ll get to use this book to also help your prayer walk as well!

In this video, I go on an in-depth review as to what The Single Woman’s Prayer Book is all about. I also share how you can use it to enhance your season of singleness!

Click below to enjoy this video!

Be sure to purchase The Single Woman’s Prayer Book (and other prayer-based items) below!

You can also get a copy in digital form!

Have you read the book yet?

If so, then be sure to let me know what you thought! Share your own review in the comments below!

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