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Maintaining a relationship can be tough.  Even if that has to do with relationship vlogging.

That is, once you get past that “honeymoon” phase.
It takes trust, time, communication, and security to make any relationship work.
And if you lack any of those, then you’re bound to be either really unhappy, or single once again (or both).
But let’s say that you actually stood the test of time…
You’ve grown to like one another, and because you love one another, sacrifices were made, you made a commitment, and lessons were learned.
And now, you’ve reached a milestone.  Your one year anniversary.

It’s definitely ALWAYS worth it to celebrate how far you’ve come.

So if you’re reading this, and you’re about to reach that dating milestone, then congrats to you!
Now all of these facts can apply to any relationship…
…including the relationship you have with your business.
For me, I started Relationship Vlogging about a year ago.  I did it to gain exposure, share my expertise, and because my business coach told me to.
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I had no idea what I was doing, but it all seemed very exciting and liberating to me at the time.  You see, vlogging to me was just like a new relationship with any Hottie McDreamy.

But just like any ol’ relationship, the work became heavy.  My honeymoon phase was over.  Now, I felt this weight of coming up with new content all. the. time.  It stressed me out at times!
There were times when I just needed…space.
There were even times when I questioned my vlog and wondered if it was even worth it??

The highs and lows of any relationship can carry over into anything and everything.

So how do make it last?  How do keep it going strong?
For me, I had to remind myself daily why I was doing what I was doing.
Why was (relationship) vlogging so important to me?

If that answer still means something to you, then honey, keep fighting.

Today, in this post, I wanted to celebrate with you… it’s my one year anniversary to relationship vlogging!
I’ve reached HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of viewers from across the world who have gained some support, some advice, some nugget of wisdom, all from these videos.
And why do I continue to do this?

Because women out there still need someone to bring hope into their love life.

Women are still in search of THEIR Mr. Right, and I want to prove that he’s still out there.

And they deserve to be in a relationship worth fighting for!

In this episode, I share with you the top lessons that I learned from a year’s worth of vlogging all about love & relationships.

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What critical lessons have you learned from a year of being in a relationship (with someone, your job, etc.)??  Share in the comments below!

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