What exactly makes a relationship last?

You’ve seen those super happy couples out there. They are always together and their joy is cute… sometimes sickening.

But it’s not their fault that they’re so happy and you’re not. They found love and that’s a beautiful thing, right?

Maybe it’s just the fact that they found while everyone else is still looking (i.e. you!) and yet they continue to flaunt their love in everyone’s faces.

Tread lightly though– falling for the comparison trap can be dangerous when you’re hanging around a couple who have managed to create and sustain a lasting relationship.

And rather than to even go that route, let’s take another approach to this…

Such as, “how have they managed to have such a lasting relationship?”

I’m sure you’ve thought about this once or twice (or more) in the past.

How did they end up together? How did that work out? And most importantly, how has it managed to last this long?

But the million-dollar question I think you really need to ask yourself is, “What can I learn from their lasting relationship that could potentially help me create one of my own?”

In this video, I share with you FOUR guesses as to why that uber-happy couple has lasted so long.

I urge to take notes. Pay attention. Then reflect on whether these things have ever been applied in any of your relationships all at the same time.

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Some relationships last. Some don’t.

What’s important here is that you’re being open, honest, brave enough to communicate, and you’re actual friends. These are the keys to a lasting relationship.

And while it may be difficult for you to develop each of those key factors, at least now you have some sort of blueprint to help you get there someday.

What point in the video really spoke to that helps make a relationship last? Share in the comments below!

guy hugging a girl from behind as they both wear sunglasses and laugh while looking in the opposite direction with pink overlay and white text that reads, "What Makes A Relationship Last?"

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