The “Rediscover” Stage

This is the stage where you “rediscover” who you are.  Being in a relationship can change you, and so can a breakup.  So rather than rush into something new, let’s take a minute and look deeply into who you are now that you done been through some things and learned some valuable lessons!

This season, dive into the relationships that matter the most:  the one you have with yourself and the one you have with God!

Here are ALL THE WAYS you can invest in yourself to rediscover who you are and where God is when it comes to your love life!

Ebooks & Paperbacks

The Love Trust Test Worksheet

Take The Love Trust Test To Discover:

  • If God has been speaking you all along regarding your love life.
  • Why your relationships never work out the way you had hoped they would.
  • How you have reacted whenever God has shown up to guide you in your relationships.
  • What’s been missing from your trust in God that lead to unsuccessful relationships at every stage of your love life.
  • And practical steps you can take after you get your results!


4 Keys All Single Women Need To Unlock The Joy In Their Season

In this Ebook, you’ll get:

  • The practical steps you need to rediscover yourself, your dreams, and what makes you uniquely you!
  • 4 keys that you can use to make you stronger, healthier, and genuinely happy!
  • A clear vision of your needs wants, and desires for this particular season!
  • A bonafide action plan as you “focus on you” with questions to reflect on and examples to get you started!


Love Deep: A Devotional On Finding Love For Singles

Love has been all around you– you just didn’t know it!  Dive deeper into how to find love in your life, through the eyes of God.

This seven-day devotional is designed to help you clearly find love that’s been surrounding you all of your life- through your past, present, and future!  Then learn how you can embrace it using God’s Word, to restore your love life from the inside out!

Get the paperback version instead!


The Single Woman’s Prayer Book

Get the prayer book that has encouraged thousands of single women to trust God with their love-life! Includes 30 personal prayers that allow you to connect to God, heal from your broken past, embrace your season of singleness, and prepare for your future relationship with Mr. Right!

Get the digital version instead.



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Online Courses

Masterclass:  How to Produce Powerful, Purpose-Driven Prayers For Your Love Life

When it comes to praying about the needs and wants of your love life… eh… you just don’t really know what to say.

 Learn the reasons why you aren’t diving deep and how to get real and open about all of your love life prayers!


Creating A Self-Love Plan That Actually Works!


This 40-minute course will walk you step-by-step using video and downloadable handouts to create a personalized plan that will cater to your everyday busy, crazy life, no matter what season you’re in!


How to Strengthen Your Relationship With God

No relationship will matter more than the one your personal relationship with Christ.  Learn how to invest your time, share experiences, and find the perfect tools & resources to help you strengthen your faith, trust, and day-to-day connection with God.


One-On-One Sessions

Restoring Your Faith – 45 Min

You and God are cool, but things could be better. Only, you’re not really sure how to do that. In this 45-min session, we’ll take a dive into your beliefs and lifestyle, and determine what can and should do to elevate your faith walk and restore this particular relationship in your life.


Single Season Audit – 45 Min


Single Life should be fun, exciting, and full of potential! So… why are you stuck feeling some kind of way about it? This 45-minute session will be used to spread out your single season like a map! Once we see the big picture, I’ll be able to show you what direction you should be going in, and what tools, mindsets, attitudes, and action steps you’ll need to get there!


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