The “Recover” Stage

This is the stage where you recover from any hurt, pain, breakup, loss, or other negative experiences you may have encountered in your love life.  It’s super important that before you move forward, you allow yourself time to process, grieve, and heal.  Without the recover stage, you’ll be walking into a butt-load of baggage-filled relationships, and as your girl, I cannot let that happen!

While the times may have been tough, this season is going to be used to help you overcome, grow, and rise up as the Queen that you are! 

Here are ALL THE WAYS you can invest in yourself to recover from your past love life experiences!

Ebooks & Paperbacks

The Love Trust Test Worksheet

Take The Love Trust Test To Discover:

  • If God has been speaking you all along regarding your love life.
  • Why your relationships never work out the way you had hoped they would.
  • How you have reacted whenever God has shown up to guide you in your relationships.
  • What’s been missing from your trust in God that lead to unsuccessful relationships at every stage of your love life.
  • And practical steps you can take after you get your results!


The Breakup Breakdown Digital Workbook

Discover the TRUTH behind why your past relationships never worked out so that you no longer waste your time with guys who aren’t serious, Discover your true worth and never play it down again, and you can feel confident in finding genuine love in your future.

This digital workbook will take you step-by-step into your breakup, helping you discover the who, when, what, why, and how it all went down so that you can learn from it, grow from it, and finally recover and move on for good!


The Single Woman’s Prayer Book

Get the prayer book that has encouraged thousands of single women to trust God with their love-life! Includes 30 personal prayers that allow you to connect to God, heal from your broken past, embrace your season of singleness, and prepare for your future relationship with Mr. Right!

Get the digital version instead.



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Online Courses

Masterclass:  How to Produce Powerful, Purpose-Driven Prayers For Your Love Life

When it comes to praying about the needs and wants of your love life… eh… you just don’t really know what to say.

 Learn the reasons why you aren’t diving deep and how to get real and open about all of your love life prayers!


How To Bounce Back From A Breakup In 30 Days

This four-week course will give you everything you need to learn to help you fully grieve, process, pray through, and take practical, self-loving action to get you to begin taking healthy steps towards moving on from a breakup within 30 days!


One-On-One Sessions

Restoring Your Faith – 45 Min

You and God are cool, but things could be better. Only, you’re not really sure how to do that. In this 45-min session, we’ll take a dive into your beliefs and lifestyle, and determine what can and should do to elevate your faith walk and restore this particular relationship in your life.


Recover From Your Breakup – 45 Min


In order for you to rediscover yourself and attract love your way, you have to recover from your past! Yes, breakup videos, posts, and courses are cool and all, but let’s be serious here: Do you need something more? In this 45-min one-on-one session, I’ll hold your hand as you share with me your breakup story. Then together we will help you uncover what needs to happen in order to set you on a path to a love recovery!


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