The “Recommit” Stage

This is the stage where you are married and desire to enjoy your marriage on a consistent basis.  Like all marriages, times can be tough, faiths and commitments can be stretched, and if you’re not careful, you could find yourself growing apart from the man you vowed to love “till death do you part”.

This is the stage where you recommit to love!  Love for God, yourself, AND your marriage!  Saying “yes” to the things that truly matter in your life and season that will make your marriage enjoyable all over again so that you don’t risk losing a good man!

This stage covers ALL THE WAYS you can invest in yourself to recommit your love to your lifelong marriage.

Ebooks For Wives

Pray For Your Marriage

3 Daily Marriage Prayers Every Wife Should Use

In this ebook, you’ll get:

  • Three personal prayers that you can use every single day to lift up your marriage, your husband, and yourself.
  • Easy to read prayers that you can adjust to meet your specific needs and current circumstances.
  • Done-for-you prayers that will allow you to lift up your marriage, increase your faith, and enhance your marriage on a daily basis!
  • Digital prayers that you can save as a screensaver or print out as a daily reminder to pray for your marriage!


Communicate With Your Spouse

Speak, Listen, and Love: 10 Communication Tips To Get You And Your Husband On The Same Page

In this Ebook, you’ll get:

  • 10 conversation game changers that will improve communication between you and your spouse!
  • Tips to help you express things in a way that will help your husband actually hear you!
  • Clear, simple ways to be more aware of what your husband is feeling and thinking (and how to get him to talk about it!)
  • Mind-blowing truths that will finally get you on the same page as your spouse!


Bring Back The Spark

*30 Ways* To Make Your Marriage Bed Sexy, Satisfying, And Sacred Ebook

If you gotta visit your marriage bed with your husband till death do you part, then wouldn’t you want to make it the greatest thing ever?

This ebook will give you 30 ways that’ll give you the sex life with your spouse,  radically affect your confidence, and reconnect the intimacy that you share between you, your husband, and God.  This is gonna be huge.


One-On-One Sessions

Restoring Your Faith – 45 Min

You and God are cool, but things could be better. Only, you’re not really sure how to do that. In this 45-min session, we’ll take a dive into your beliefs and lifestyle, and determine what can and should do to elevate your faith walk and restore this particular relationship in your life.


Marriage Makeover – 90 Min

You might be thinking that you are totally killin it when it comes to being a wife. But your marriage shows you differently. Are you being a good wife? How would you know? More importantly, what could you do to make some changes for the better? In this 90-min session, we’ll unmask your marriage and get to the root problems that you may or may not be noticing. Then, I’ll give you some practical steps to take to start you on a track that will give your marriage a fresh new look and feel!


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