With All Your Heart: Paperback


Set to release on July 30th, 2019.

We are called to trust in the Lord, with all our heart, but what does that mean?  This book will help you unfold exactly what trusting in God with your love life should look like (in the stages of singleness, dating, engagement, marriage, or experiencing a breakup) and will leave you with the practical steps, encouragement, and powerful inspiration to trust God with your whole heart, now and in seasons to come.

Discover tips on how to trust at every stage of your love life, prayers and reflection questions geared towards helping you surrender it all to God so that He can restore, reshape, and maintain a healthy and satisfying love life.

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What Does It Mean to Trust God with Your Love Life…
With All Your Heart?

“Trust the Lord with all your heart…” is what we are instructed to do.  After discovering that you should probably focus more on God when it comes to your love life, you may be wondering exactly how.  I mean, you believe in God, and you perhaps already have a personal relationship established… so what’s missing?


In this ebook, I’m gonna share with you a few key points that’ll help you get closer to God when it comes to love, relationships, and your trust in what He can do for you!

Here’s What’s Included In This Book…

  • Why It’s So Difficult To Trust God With Your Love Life
  • 5 Reasons Why Trusting Him With Your Love Life Is A Good Thing
  • How You Can Put God First In Your Relationships
  • Personal, Practical Steps You Can Begin Taking Today
  • What It Looks Like to Trust In God When You’re Single
  • What It Looks Like to Trust In God When You’re Dating
  • What It Looks Like to Trust In God When You’re Engaged
  • What It Looks Like to Trust In God When You’re Married
  • What It Looks Like to Trust In God When You Just Broke Up
  • What The Bible Says When It Comes To Trusting God
  • What do you do if you don’t hear from God 

This Book is Totally For You If You…

  • Love the LORD but find it difficult to trust Him with relationships (and are not sure why!)
  • Wanna take their personal relationship with God to a new level!
  • Are frustrated with love and guys (and all of it!) and are looking to God for guidance & renewed hope!
  • Wanna focus on God and learn how to trust Him first before moving into the next relationship!
  • Are tired to trying to do things by the world’s standards and are ready to give it ALL to God
  • Desire to trust God more but have no idea where to even start to make it happen!


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