The Single Woman's Prayer Book - Selina Almodovar

The Single Woman’s Prayer Book

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Get the prayer book that has encouraged thousands of single women to trust God with their love-life! Includes 30 personal prayers that allow you to connect to God, heal from your broken past, embrace your season of singleness, and prepare for your future relationship with Mr. Right!

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In This Book Of Prayers, You'll Get...

  • 30 personal prayers to help you navigate your season of singlehood
  • Scriptures that you can use to build your faith and bring your prayers life closer to the Word of God
  • Opportunities to develop your own prayers using dedicated sections for adding personal and answered prayers
  • Even more blessings beyond the prayer book with additional online resources to help you draw near to God and utilize this book for the ultimate singles experience

About the Book

Throughout her 20’s Selina Almodovar has experienced just about everything when it comes to love, relationships, and finding Mr. Right. Her past has led her to seasons of desperation, confusion, doubt, and fear when it came to creating a future that involved confidence and security in her love life.

Just when she hit her lowest breakup point, she decided to do something that would change the way she loved forever: she prayed.

Now, Selina shares her personal prayers that lead her to a deep and meaningful relationship with Jesus, healing, love for herself, confidence and contentment during her season of singleness, and you guessed it… a loving marriage with her Mr. Right!

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8 reviews for The Single Woman’s Prayer Book

  1. Shantae Coley

    I absolutely love this book, the prayers are brief but they get right to the heart of what you need to say and what’s on your mind. Before getting the book, I looked at the website and subscribed to her 7-day devotional… What a breath of fresh air! The site had posts that spoke to me and what I was facing, which lead me to purchase the book. Selina even emailed me after the devotional and I thought it was a bot-email but it was her! She prayed for me and was totally down to earth! Her blog feels like a girlfriend you’ve known from way back, just a funny friend you can totally relate to. I hope everyone enjoys the book like I have.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Wonderful book by Selina. Is definitely applicable to women who are both interested in strengthening themselves in their relationships and for those who are still single. Must read!

  3. Wendy

    This is an excellent book. I highly recommend it.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Along with many hardships to a single women’s life, there could be lots of discouragements and disappointments. Regardless of where you are in your walk with God, sometimes you might feel far from him as a result of those disappointments, that’s where I was when I started to read this prayer’s book. I felt so tired and getting empty by the minute, but this book help me to snap out of that dry season, draw closer to God, the source of everything and help me to regain hope to a joyful and fulfilled life even while single. I totally love this prayer book that can most certainly be the light the fire up your prayer life again!

  5. Ellen Scott

    This book was life changing. Whether you are singe, engaged, or married you can benefit from the wisdom of these faith filled prayers!! It really changes the way you view relationships and how you should proceed with your spouse, or potential spouse. Finding your identity in Christ FIRST, is the key to successful relationships! This book is a must read for every woman!

  6. Daphnne

    I’m in tears every time I read a prayer from this book… cleansing tears. Speaks right to my heart. Never a burden to pray, always look forward to what the next prayer will say about a single woman’s heart.

  7. Athena (verified owner)

    Wow such an amazing devotional!!!!! What I love about the devotional is that it’s not just about praying for your future, but how to develop and grow in your relationship with God right now! Sometimes it is hard to put into words what you want to say to God. Sometimes your not sure if you should say some of the things that are burning in your heart (whether it be your anger or frustration). Selina’s prayers in this devotional are raw in that they express the common struggles, emotions, fears, and frustrations one may feel being single. But her prayers are also self encouraging because, married or not, we are all Daughters in Christ. God created each of us to be loved by him, to have a relationship with him, and he created us with a purpose. We can bring Christ to others through our own words and actions, married or single. This is a positive devotional that encourages you to grow and enjoy the single season. Thank you Selina!

  8. Marissa

    This book was exactly what I needed to help get me through some of the toughest times after a breakup with a serious relationship then having nothing but dead end dates. It has helped me to learn how to pray, find myself, made me truly realize that I’m not the only one that is feeling the way I feel.
    I have read this book over and over.
    Thanks Selina for sharing your story and helping women like me grow in a positive direction.

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