Get the prayer book that has encouraged thousands of single women to trust God with their love-life! Includes 30 personal prayers that allow you to connect to God, heal from your broken past, embrace your season of singleness, and prepare for your future relationship with Mr. Right!

In this book of prayers, you’ll get:

 30 personal prayers to help you navigate your season of singlehood

 Scriptures that can be used to build your faith and prayers closer to the Word of God

 Sections for adding personal and answered prayers

 Additional resources to help you draw near to God and utilize this tool for the ultimate singles experience


Throughout her 20’s Selina Almodovar has experienced just about everything when it comes to love, relationships, and finding Mr. Right. Her past has led her to seasons of desperation, confusion, doubt, and fear when it came to creating a future that involved confidence and security in her love-life.

Just when she hit her lowest breakup point, she decided to do something that would change the way she loved forever: she prayed.

Now, Selina shares her personal prayers that lead her to a deep and meaningful relationship with Jesus, healing, love for herself, confidence and contentment during her season of singleness, and you guessed it… a loving marriage with her Mr. Right!


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