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The Engaged Woman’s Prayer Book

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Get rid of the stress, overwhelm, and worry about preparing for your wedding & marriage with just 5 minutes of prayer a day!

The Engaged Woman’s Prayer Book is exactly what you need to guide you into having an effortless wedding season while setting up your foundation for a lasting marriage!

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Get Rid of The Stress, Overwhelm, and Worry Of Planning Your Wedding & Marriage With Just 5 Minutes A Day!

Within This One Book, You’re Getting…

  • Over 30 quick 3-5 minute personal prayers you can use to enhance your relationship to God, securely cover your wedding planning season, and prepare your heart and mind fo your role as a wife.
  • Confidence to learn how to pray your own personal prayers and draw closer to God
  • Step-by-step knowledge that will help you build up a prayer life with your Fiancé
  • Your wedding classic tradition of “something old, new, borrowed, or blue!”

You’ll Also Receive 5 Really Great Bonuses!

  • Special prayers for those unique situations (such as blended families, getting re-married, speaking against divorce, or becoming a stepmom)
  • A faith-filled timeline & checklist to help you map out your wedding from one year out all the way to your special day
  • Six tips on how to enjoy an “effortless” engagement season
  • Prayer screensavers you can use to take your favorite prayers with you wherever you go
  • Printable prayers you can use to display at your wedding and reception

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5 reviews for The Engaged Woman’s Prayer Book

  1. LaJoy Cox

    This book came at just the right time. I have been discussing marriage with a man for about a year now and this book really opened my eyes and made me see just what I needed to do. Thank you Selina!

  2. Stephanie Ricottone

    Selina has completely outdone herself with “The Engaged Women’s Prayer Book” in every single way. This book is not only beautifully written but it is literally beautifully constructed, all the way from the imagery on the cover, to the careful details on the inside! I love how Selina has not only shared personal prayers but has also given you a space to physically write out your own prayers ( AND answered prayers) during your engagement season. I would recommend this book to anyone entering their engagement season not only as a tool, but as a space to create memories. Selina has given the future bride AND groom a keepsake and a physical reminder of Gods fulfillment in their lives through answered prayer! Thank you Selina!!

  3. Ellen Scott

    This book is perfect for anyone who is currently engaged or looking to get engaged. Whether prayer is already a part of your daily routine, or something completely new for you, you will get so much out of this book!! Selina is so raw, honest, encouraging, and insightful. Reading through these prayers, I had so many a-ha moments of things I had never thought of praying about, or even considered in the planning of my wedding and marriage. This book will help you stay grounded and centered during an exciting but challenging season of your life. If you commit to praying during this season, you will experience the kind of peace that can only comes from God. And Selina walks you through exactly how to do that!

  4. Maria Garcia

    This is book helped me see things in a different way, I love the way God used Selina to be able to Express everything that we has woman go thru and dont understand why. Selina has an awesome gift from the lord he is constantly using her words to reach us women. Thank for all your books, I love them all. Very proud of you baby girl ❤❤

  5. ❤ you very much, mom

    Wonderful book, written by a very gifted by God woman, your books have made a great impact in my life I’m so proud of you.

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