Get rid of the stress, overwhelm, and worry of planning your wedding & marriage with just 5 minutes a day!

The Engaged Woman’s Prayer Book is exactly what you need to guide you into having an effortless wedding season!

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Get Rid of The Stress, Overwhelm, and Worry Of Planning Your Wedding & Marriage With Just 5 Minutes A Day!

The Engaged Woman's Prayer Book is EXACTLY What You Need To Guide You Into Having An Effortless Wedding Season!

Take it from me…

The moment I got engaged I couldn’t breathe.  Literally.  I was speechless and in shock all at the same time.

And with so many things to consider afterward, I pretty much felt like that long after the ring had been placed on my finger.

Everything from the money, to who’s invited, to fitting into the best dress, to figuring out how in the world I was going to from living an independent lifestyle to now meshing two worlds into one, was all so very overwhelming!

Sure, seeking God was on my mind, but with so. many. things. going on, it was hard to carve out the time to spend with Jesus.

And that’s why I needed prayer then more than ever!

Now, what you feel after praying to God is the sweet, easy, #blessed part.

But it’s the “I’m too tired and too swamped to do anything else!” part that keeps us from seeking the One who can clearly make the struggle go away.

What if there was something that could address all of your pre-wedding concerns in a way that requires just five minutes of your busy bridal schedule??



The Engaged Woman's Prayer Book

There is no other book out there that will address these specific prayers covered for this specific season!


Inside, you’ll get 30+ short  & sweet, yet powerful & purposeful prayers that will address all of your pre-wedding and marriage preparation concerns!

If you’re feeling stressed out over something during this season?  Then there’s a prayer for that!

Feeling like you’re getting cold feet?  There’s a prayer for that.

Removing anxiety and stress from your planning?  There’s a prayer for that.

Have a desire to look and feel beautiful while trying to remember to take care of yourself?  There’s a prayer for that.

In need of the right vendors, counselors, and bridal party members?  There are prayers for all of that!

There are even prayers to help you remain close to God while growing closer to your future husband!

Within This One Book, You’re Getting…

  • Over 30 quick 3-5 minute personal prayers addressing your relationship to God, your wedding planning & execution, and preparing for your future marriage
  • Guided tips to teach you how to pray and draw closer to God
  • A section designed to help you build up a prayer life with your Fiancé
  • A treasured book that could easily fit into the classic tradition of “something old, new, borrowed, or blue!”

You’ll Also Receive 5 Really Great Bonuses!

  • Special prayers for those unique situations (such as blended families, getting re-married, speaking against divorce, or becoming a stepmom)
  • A faith-filled timeline & checklist to help you map out your wedding from one year out all the way to your special day
  • Six tips on how to enjoy an “effortless” engagement season
  • Prayer screensavers you can use to take your favorite prayers with you wherever you go
  • Printable prayers you can use to display at your wedding and reception

All this in one book for less than $15?? Yes and Amen!

Now, remember back when I mentioned being a hot-mess during my engagement season?

Yeah.  Prayer changed that.  I’m dead serous.

Once I got engaged, I knew it was gonna take a whole lotta God to give me the peace, clarity, and direction I needed to plan the wedding of my dreams (within budget) and to honor God every step of the way.

And let me tell you what.

Prayer Works.

We ended up having the wedding of our absolute dreams– drama -free AND under budget!

We got to go on our bucket-list dream honeymoon to Moorea, and that’s not all!

Our marriage has been solid from the jump.  So much so, that I’ve written blogs, books, taught courses, gave talks, and coached women all over the world sharing our story, and how to trust God with their own love-life.

Major Key Alert! They All Chose to Trust God With Their Love-Life!

Marriages have been saved, women have gotten engaged, and hearts have been restored, all because no matter what was going on in their season, they made a choice to go to God in simple prayer, that lead to major results.

And doing so can be as easy for you as saying a simple prayer regarding your engagement, every day throughout your season.

If you genuinely want to avoid those “Bridezilla” moments and wanna set your marriage up for success, then I’m asking you today to trust God and invite Him into your engagement experience.

Get Your Hands On The Engaged Woman's Prayer Book Today!

You can use various payments such as Credit Card, PayPal, or even ApplePay (in case you have no idea where your wallet is in the sea of party favors and invitations!)

Once your payment is complete, your book will get personally shipped by yours truly, giving you some personal love & encouragement to seal the deal!

All sales are final but that only because this book is too good to ignore or turn away!

It will grow you, shape you, and mold you into the bride and wife you’ve always dreamed of becoming!

Gain peace of mind knowing that through this crazy season, you are going to God daily in prayer.

You’re setting up a strong, firm foundation for your marriage and with your future husband.

All of your wedding stress will melt away at just 5 minutes a day.

You’re getting closer to God and your Fiancé all throughout the process.

You’re incorporating God into every step of this season.

There are amazing tools and resources that you can use for yourself and for your wedding day.

And you’re not even breaking your wedding budget!

Come on now!  This is definitely the no-brainer bridal book that you’re gonna wanna have!

  • 30+ Personal Prayers For Yourself, Your Wedding, And Your Future Marriage
  • Guided Tips For How To Draw Closer To God
  • Practical Exercises To Help You Pray With Your Fiancé
  • BONUS#1: Special Prayers For Unique Engagement Cases
  • BONUS #2: Faith-Filled Timeline & Checklist For Wedding Day Planning
  • BONUS #3: 6 Tips To Enjoy An "Effortless" Engagement Season
  • BONUS #4: Prayer Screensavers For Laptop & Smartphone
  • BONUS #5: Printable Prayers For Wedding Day & Reception Display

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