Discover the TRUTH behind why your past relationships never worked out so that…

… you no longer waste your time with guys who aren’t serious.

… you discover your true worth and never play it down again.

… you can feel confident in finding genuine love in your future.


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Discover the TRUTH behind why your relationships never lasted so that...

… you no longer waste your time with guys who aren’t serious.

… you discover your true worth and never play it down again.

… you can feel confident in finding a genuine love in your future.


My name is Selina.

Years ago, I used to be a boy-crazy ex-girlfriend.  I had a lot of trust issues and my joy was totally dependent on my past relationships. Every time I went through a breakup I would fall further and further into depression, anxiety, and confusion.  I kept wondering what was wrong with me and/or what I was doing wrong.

Now, I’m married to my Mr. Right and best friend.  We shared our very first kiss at the alter when we also said, “I do”!  We have two beautiful boys and I love the woman I am now more than ever!

Selina Almodovar | Christian Relationship Author, Blogger & Coach

I discovered what I was missing in my love-life, can I help you discover what's missing in yours too?

Think About It...

What would you be doing differently today?

What would your love-life look like one year from now?

After one of my biggest breakups with my last long-term boyfriend, I did what any woman would do.  I sought out friends, hit the gym, cut my hair, went to bars and clubs, met and dated new guys, heck, I even went back to church.  But none it stopped me from crying myself to sleep every night because none of it made me happier.

Then, I got serious.  Hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20!  I decided to BREAKDOWN my breakups and finally figured out what went wrong!

Within ONE YEAR of doing this, I was able to completely change the way I thought and acted when it came to love & relationships.  I discovered my self-worth.  I began to date with intention.  And I married my Mr. Right almost one year after that.

I want all women to be able to feel like they can experience a love story that actually has a happy ending. That, no matter what happened in their past, they, too, can find happiness and true love!

Most relationship resources cost hundreds of dollars and are FULL OF FLUFF and sugar-coated affirmations.

But because I KNOW the love struggle that most women face, the Breakup Breakdown is the PERFECT resource for you.


About Selina Almodovar Wedding

Whatever your reason, you can find love without breaking the bank, wasting your time, beating around the bush, or continuing to live in the fear that you're doing something wrong.

I'm a recovering boy-crazy, ex-girlfriend. And if I can find joy, receive love, and make my dreams come true, YOU CAN TOO!

Breakdown Your Breakups So That You Can

See What Went Wrong

Find out where and when the mess hit the fan so you can avoid it moving forward.

Process Old Feelings

Bring awareness to any fears or past pains you may still be holding onto.

Gain Clarity

Discover what you need to do NOW to make the most of your love-life in the future.

"It was excellent. I teared up because the questions really hit home. It was simple, concise and refreshing. I think it's awesome because some people do not even reflect on their past and move on making the same mistakes. It shows what red flags are too, which not everyone knows about. You are helping people on so many levels, so congratulations! Maybe I should have gotten this 4 years ago, would have been a tremendous aid, a relationship saver!"
"This resource, for it being just a digital download, was very thorough and helped me understand both sides of the breakup. It made me think about it from so many different angles to better understand the emotional magnitude of the break up. I can see this easily becoming a mini-course, especially when concerning God's plan in all of this and the importance of having Him be the center of our relationships. It was eye opening to see my faults, not just his, and see where I need to take the blame and grow from there."
"This resource helped me process a bad breakup from going through what red flags there were to how I can trust God with my love life."
"Helpful in getting me to reflect and remind me of the 'god plan'"
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Yes, yes, OH MY GOSH YES!!  Simply put.  Something happened during that breakup that’s been affecting you ever since.  Whether it happened a week ago or ten years ago!  There are some things that took place in you AND in you love-life that you gotta be aware of!  This resource could help you get to the bottom of it once and for all!!  

Yes and no.  Because I believe in God and God’s love, it carries into everything I create, including this handout.  So while being a woman of faith is great, it’s in no way a requirement for you to understand what happened in your breakup past & how you can unlock your relationship future.

This handout should take you no more than an hour to complete.  Do you REALLY wanna keep adding years of dating drama because of one hour of your time now?  You deserve better.

For a lifetime of never having to date another douche bag again?  Priceless.  For FINALLY knowing what you can do to better yourself and your love-life?  Again, priceless.  In all seriousness, this handout is less than $10.  Probably less than the cost of the gorgeous shirt you’re wearing right now.  Just sayin.

Tissues?  Perhaps a journal?  I created this handout so that you can complete it straight from your phone if you wanted.  Simply put:  no, you can print this handout out if you’d like, but you can fill out this handout wherever you’re at as long as you have a smartphone.

"This is a great guide to understanding why a relationship didn’t work out. So many of us question breakups and often, we long for the relationship again. Having this completed resource handy will remind us as to why we walked away to begin with."
"I thought this was a great exercise to help one really reflect back on past relationships. The handout is broken down into easy manageable sections to allow the user to focus on area at a time."
"This resource has helped me to fully see and accept my role in the relationship and it's demise. Ignoring red flags and not seeking God is a surefire cocktail for heartache and heartbreak ladies. But more importantly God had a plan in it all. My prayer life and dependence on Him has increased. I've fasted more than ever before. And now I'm dating intentionally. Not imperfectly but with intention. I've grown so much as a result of that particular breakup 3 years ago and God continues to reveal Himself to me. He used this resource to do just that. Thanks again Selina for allowing God to use you. #Grateful&Growing"



"Going through the break up at the time was really difficult. Having this would have helped to realize Gods greater plan and why he does what he does."
"It has helped me realize that I'm not only in my feelings and that there is a plan beyond what I can see! There is hope and you are showing people a glimmer of it. Well done <3"

Got Questions? Email me at: Selina@SelinaAlmodovar.com

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