How to Date with God in Mind Digital Workbook


You met someone. And you like them a lot. And you really wanna get to know them without caving in to the world’s rules of dating. You wanna go into this doing things God’s way. No more games. No more second-guessing.

Here’s how to do it.

Once you meet someone that you like and you begin to get to know them better, you could like yourself questioning how to date this person in a way that doesn’t lead you down a road of temptation, bad choices, and ignoring the red flags.

In this ebook, you’ll get digital worksheets that will help you navigate your first dates leading up to new relationship status in a way that will create and protect boundaries, set your focus on your expectations, and establish whether this connection is worth holding onto!


You've dated in the past and it just never worked out.  Either the guy was a dud, or it turned into a relationship that didn't exactly honor God (or yourself!)  Now you found someone worth dating and you wanna make sure that you do things right!  This ebook will cover both the dating phase and that early bird relationship phase to ensure that you'll honor yourself and your faith values as you begin to develop and grow a potential relationship.

Here's What You'll Get In This Digital Workbook...

For the Dating Stage...

  • 20 things to talk about during those first few months to get you both into each other at a steady pace!
  • A guide that will help you know exactly when in the relationship to take the conversations to a deeper, more serious level!
  • Tips on where to go when you want to go out and have fun without fear of temptation getting in the way!
  • A checklist you can use every date night to know with confidence what to wear and how to set the tone for your date!

For the Early Relationship Stage...

  • New Relationship Prayer that both you AND YOUR BOYFRIEND can pray every time you get together!
  • Cheatsheet guide that will teach you what you can do to honor God as you develop this relationship!
  • Red flags checklist to give you clear points on what dealbreakers to be on the lookout for!


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And now it’s time to do things God’s way.

No more games.  

No more second-guessing.

This time you wanna date a guy and you wanna do it right.


  • You just met someone new and wanna establish Christian dating principles
  • You are unfamiliar with how to have a “Christian” relationship
  • The thought of dating makes you nervous because you never know what to say or what to do
  • You feel that you are awkward when you date a guy and that it’s your fault whenever it doesn’t work out
  • You don’t know how to tell if a relationship is getting serious or a waste of time
  • You wanna know what to look for when it comes to dating a godly man
  • You wanna be prepared to honor Christ in all areas when it comes to dating someone new

Here’s What You’ll Get In This Digital Workbook!


  • Entering a New Relationship Prayer
  • 15 Ways to Honor God In Your New Relationship
  • 20 Conversation Points to Have with Your Date
  • When to Take Your Serious Conversations to the Next Level
  • 10 Places to Go to Have a Fun (and Pure) Date
  • Boundaries in Friendship and Dating Checklist
  • Modesty in Fashion Checklist

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