Fast: Your Cheatsheet For How To Go On A Spiritual Fast


Ever wanted to go on a fast but never knew how?  This is the ebook for you!

Get the short-and-sweet answers you need to learn exactly what it means to go on a spiritual fast, and what you need to do to start fasting today!

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It’s easy to get closer to God during a season when you need Him most!  All you need to do is pray and fast!

Oh, you’ve never fasted before but you hear about it all the time?

Is it a diet program?

Do I need to figure out who Daniel is before I do his fast?

Maybe you thought that only the “elite super Christians” do it.

Such is not the case at all!  In fact, fasting is deeply rooted in the Word of God and has been known to do powerful things!  Take it from me!

I’ve been fasting every year for almost ten years now.  I’ve fasted for my future husband, future children, freedom from debt, business success and direction, and so much more!  And I can tell you with absolute certainty that I’ve had each of those prayer requests answered!  Fasting has brought me a closer relationship with God and has allowed me to walk into seasons with total confidence and breakthroughs!  What can fasting do for you?

Ok, ok, so the concept of fasting might sound a bit foreign to you.  How can one just start?  Where does one even begin?

What you need is a breakdown of what fasting is and how it could help you exactly where you are today!

Wanna learn about fasting but you don’t have the time to research online or take a Bible course?  No sweat!

This ebook has all of the basics covered for you to understand what fasting is, how to do it, why you should do it, and what it could potentially do for you in your current season!

Included in this ebook is:

  • What is Fasting
  • Where is fasting mentioned in the Bible (scripture references for both Old & New Testament!)
  • When you should go on a fast
  • Common seasons for fasting
  • How long should a fast last
  • Things you could fast from
  • What to do during a fast
  • Resources to study fasting
  • Resources to enhance your prayer life during your fast


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