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*30 Ways* To Make Your Marriage Bed Sexy, Satisfying, And Sacred Ebook


If you gotta visit your marriage bed with your husband till death do you part, then wouldn’t you want to make it the greatest thing ever?

This ebook will give you 30 ways that’ll give you the bomb.com sex life with your spouse,  radically affect your confidence, and reconnect the intimacy that you share between you, your husband, and God.  This is gonna be huge.


Sex is supposed to be sacred.  And fun. And desired. And well… sexy.  But life gets in the way of all that.  And our past. And our fears. And we overthink.  A lot. And your husband wants it ALL THE TIME.  And I’m willing to bet that you’ve probably tried some things in the past to help create a better sex life and it didn’t really work so well.  

That’s what this ebook is all about.  I gonna share with you 30 tips and things to consider so that you’ll walk away with the key that’s gonna unlock all the rainbows in your bedroom!  You better go ahead and add the big size candle to your Amazon Prime cart now, ‘cause you’re gonna wanna stay in your bedroom for a while!

In this book, you'll get...

  • 30 tips, truths and things to consider to radically improve your sex life with your husband!

  • The rush of excitement to (finally!) bring the sexy back into your marriage bed!

  • Peace knowing there's still hope for you and your husband (even after kids!)


Of course, I know that sex, marriage, and your current season are all complex things.  But think about it: how much different would your marriage be if you enjoyed and craved your sex life with your spouse?  How much would it affect your confidence? How much would it affect the connection you have with your husband? This could be huge.


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