*24 Ways* To Create A Christ-Centered Relationship EBook - Selina Almodovar

*24 Ways* To Create A Christ-Centered Relationship EBook


You got a man and now it’s time to love him right and make God the center of your relationship!

This ebook will break down 24 ways that you can grow your relationship and take it to a new level all while focusing on how to give and receive love in a way that is totally honoring God.


You've been in a relationship for some time now and while things are going well, they could be going better.  It's not that the love for each other isn't there, it's the fact that what you really want is to learn more about what to do as a partner when it comes to loving him, loving God, and still being able to stay true to yourself in the process!

That’s what this ebook is all about.  I gonna offer you (and your boyfriend!) 24 ways that you both can learn to love each other in a Godly way so that by the end of it all, you'll know without a doubt that your relationship is now built to last and stand the true test of time! 

In this book, you'll get...

  • 24 breakdown ways to let you know you and bae are heading in the right direction!

  • understanding how exactly to keep God at the center of your relationship!

  • the clarity in how to love your man right, how he can love you right, and how to create a relationship that will inspire others!


Don't allow your past relationships to dictate this one!  There are many points of view and opinions about how a relationship should be.  Now's the time to actually understand what it means to center your relationship around God and HIS version of love!


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