When it comes to Christian dating, premarital sex is a big no-no.

However, in today’s modern dating culture, it’s almost a certain that sex is sprinkled somewhere into the equation.

There’s this underlying pressure placed on both males and females to awaken their sexual drives well before they become adults. And let’s face it, you’d be outcasted if you weren’t sexually active by the time you hit the college scene.

It’s what has made home dates watching Netflix so appealing.

Yet, this is how the world views things. It is vastly different when compared to Christian dating standards.

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In today’s world, Christians are encouraged to wait till marriage. They are informed on how to avoid the traps of temptation and how to set the proper boundaries. I know it all too well, but I’m one of those people who has given you those tips.

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Today, I encourage women to save themselves and be mindful of mindless sexual activities going on in today’s world. However, I am not your cookie-cutter Christian.

That’s right, in my past, I, too, had premarital sex.

At the time, I was nervous. I was pressured by my older boyfriend, and fell extremely ill to the convictions that that choice carried. Nevertheless, I found myself giving in to one of my most prized possessions: my body.

Once I began to reignite my relationship with God, I discovered the real reasons why waiting was such a thing.

While I may have figured this out too late, it did not stop God from blessing me with an amazing husband, beautiful marriage, and fabulous sex life!

However, my story is not everyone else’s story. There are still some Christian women who totally believe that premarital sex is totally ok! They believe that it does not affect their faith at all.

Oh, but there are some critics who beg to differ. Arguing that if you were to consciously choose to “sin” that it is turning directly away from God Himself. While you may be saved, you are nowhere near sanctified– which are two totally different things!

So, which one is it? If you claim to be a Christian woman and you openly choose to have premarital sex, does that make you still a Christian?

In this video, I go in-depth about my own personal experience, what lead me to have premarital sex, and a few points that address both the Christian woman who saves herself for marriage, and the Christian woman who doesn’t.

Be sure to click below to enjoy this video!

In my new book, “The Christian Woman’s Guide to Dating”, I wrote an entire chapter that shares more insights on premarital sex.

It’s definitely a topic that most women in today’s modern world have considered. Yet, to speak on the matter in a way that does not judge nor condemn either way (cause, that’s not my business to do so!) I’m praying that the points I make will help women make the best choice for them.

Not only do I share the major points on premarital sex mentioned in the video, but I also cover other sex topics such as, how men view sex, avoiding temptation, as well as offer insights and affirmations.

You can pre-order my book today by clicking the link below! “The Christian Woman’s Guide to Dating” will go officially on sale, November 17th, 2020!

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