Have you ever wondered what exactly you should be praying for when praying for your future husband?

At first, this question seems like a no-brainer… You pray about his looks, his job status, his values, etc. Heck, for some of you out there, you get really specific and start to pray for pleasurable things, like his stamina and ability to “love” you in bed!

Then, of course, you begin to go over all of the things in your prayer that you *don’t* want in a husband. As in, you don’t want him to be a cheater, selfish, lazy, messy, etc.

Now, I’m not saying that when you pray for your future husband, those things aren’t worth mentioning to God.

After all, if you’re desiring those specific qualities and statuses in a man, then whether you bring it up or not, God’s gonna know anyways!

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I’ll be honest, these items were definitely on my prayer list when I was single and praying for a husband!

But there’s something far greater than all of those things combined that I think women often miss when it comes to filling their prayerful vision board with the kind of man they wanna grow old with.

It’s actually quite easy to overlook this key prayer point too because no one really lists it as a popular favored trait in men. Yet, deep down, when you really begin to dissect with all women of faith’s desire for a godly husband, it’s pretty hard not to miss this.

So, for those of you who have been praying for your future husband and are interested in learning what that one very important prayer point is, then stay tuned! And trust, once you recognize this, you’ll change the way you pray about your future husband forever!

This prayer point will even carry into your marriage as the number one thing you’ll be praying for when it comes to lifting up your husband to God!

In this video, I’m covering EXACTLY what to pray for specifically when it comes to praying for that man you’ve been longing for! Click below to enjoy this video!

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