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I’m Selina! I help Christian women apply their faith towards creating a desirable love life using my love life testimony, my books, and my 8-step “Reset to Restored Love” coaching process.

I work with clients and readers to create desirable love lives because I LOVE seeing women grow their faith and trust in God so that they can receive His very best when it comes to love and relationships.

Published Books



 Discover Exactly What to Pray About to “BLESS UP” Your Love Life!

By Selina Almodovar

Christian Dating Adventures: A Couple’s Guide

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Discover fulfilling date ideas for building a strong, faith-based connection!

Deepen your relationship, strengthen your faith, and have fun! No matter how long you’ve been together, Christian Dating Adventures is packed full of memorable date ideas perfect for any Christian couple.


“Selina has officially cracked the code and eased the difficulty of godly dating! Christian Dating Adventures – A Couple’s Guide is powerful, practical, and a must-read for Christian couples, especially those who struggle with dating in a godly manner. This book promotes the development of genuine intimacy between couples and God, while revealing what godly dating truly looks like in the 21st century.”

– J. Immanuel, Host of the Right to R.E.A.L. Love Podcast

Other Books

The Single Woman’s Prayer Book

Thirty personal prayers are designed to help single women of faith to reconnect with God, heal from past pains, embrace singleness, and prepare for future Mr. Right!

The Engaged Woman’s Prayer Book

Over 30 personal prayers catered to prepare bride-to-be’s to plan their wedding, prepare for marriage, and develop a prayer life with Mr. Right!

The Christian Woman’s Guide to Dating

Learn practical steps and beliefs of why God should navigate your dating life, from singleness to exclusiveness, and everything inbetween!


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In this FREE webinar, I am going to teach you how to break down the communication walls between you and your partner so that you can (finally!) get on the same page with your feelings, thoughts, expectations, and future!

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