At what point in your relationship do you own up to your mistakes? If you want to save that relationship, then you should consider doing it often!

Hear me out! It never occurred to me that this one little thing could make or break an entire relationship! Here’s why it almost slipped through the cracks…

Whenever I was in a relationship, I used to think that everything was going swell… until I got dumped! Then when folks would ask me what happened, “because the relationship was going so well”, my response would always be that I was utterly clueless and had no idea what happened.

I was just as dumbfounded as everyone else at the time. Little did I know that hindsight is 20/20 and looking back on my past has taught me a lot. In all of those cases, I never fully tried to own up to my mistakes!

While sure, there wasn’t one particular thing that I did to jeopardize any of my past relationships, there were, however, things that I was doing!

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As in, behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs that I was consistently bringing to the table that slowly but surely chipped away at my relationship.

So you have to ask yourself, if you are noticing that things aren’t shaping up in your relationship, then what could you be doing that you can’t taken responsibility for?

Oh, do you still need examples? Ok, let’s see… Here are a few questions to get your brain going…

Are you disrespecting him?

Are you always in control?

Do you ever allow him to lead?

Are you constantly playing the victim whenever there’s conflict?

Or worse, are you avoiding conflict altogether because you don’t wanna get into it?

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. At the end of the day, are you even trying to own up to your mistakes?

If you wanna save your relationship (whether you’ve been dating for a month or married for ten years!) then you’re gonna wanna pay attention!

In this video, I share why owning up could save your relationship! Click below to enjoy this video!

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