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I’d like to think that at a pretty young age, I’ve overcome a lot.

Growing up life was pretty awesome.  We lived in a nice neighborhood, had good friends, went to a good school.
But everything changed when my parents got divorced until I was eight years old.

That’s when the crap hit the fan.

We went from living in the suburbs to living on welfare and food stamps.  From a loving “family” to living two separate lives with each of my parents and having to commute back and forth on a weekly basis.
I no longer saw my parents the same way.  There was a lot of mistrust and disappointment that I felt towards them and I disrespected both of them for the majority of my childhood.
I was ashamed of my parents because of their decisions and how they dealt with their own hurts.

Rather than to talk to someone about this difficult time, I basically forced my reality into an internal closet.

I never shared my home life with any of my friends and no one (except family) really knew how bad things had gotten.

Can you relate?  If so, check out this video explaining how I was able to overcome this life!

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Flash forward to my adult life.
I was living a bitter and selfish lifestyle as an adult.  Much like my childhood, I focused only on myself.  I never opened up to anyone because I was too afraid to let anyone in.
No one knew the real truth about me and my life.

That I was depressed, alone, and still very much upset at how my life had turned out.

I carried TONS, AND TONS, AND TONS of weight on my shoulders every single day because of it.
To top it all off, because I wanted to have a restored family/home lifestyle, guess what I did with every boyfriend I had???
I had “marriage” on my mind and determination to make things right no matter what!  By any means necessary, I would commit to a relationship.

Life got MUCH BETTER when I made a choice to finally let go and move on.

I stopped blaming my parents for everything that was happening to me,
I stopped playing the role of the “victim” as if the entire world was out to get me,
And for the first time ever, I felt like I was in control.

There are two types of people who come from this kind of circumstance:

1) The group that accepts what their circumstance is, do nothing about it and adapt their circumstance eventually becomes their lifestyle.
2) The group that strives for greatness and doesn’t take “no” for an answer.  This group does not become defeated, they become the overcomers!
Are you an overcomer??
If you are really serious about getting your life together and marching in the group that overcomes, then you’ve got some serious calls to action!

Here’s how to overcome your situation:

You can pray.  Because prayer actually works.  I used prayer to not only help me overcome my past (and present) circumstances, but I also used it to release all of my brokenness, bitterness, and victim mentality!
Not sure exactly what to pray for to help you start the overcoming process?  Check out my book, “The Single Woman’s Prayer Book“.  It’s a free download that you can use to help you enhance your relationship with God, draw closer to Him during this time of your life, and it’ll kickstart you into gathering your own prayers as you overcome your personal obstacles!
The Single Woman's Prayer Book Banner - Selina Almodovar- Christian Relationship Blogger & Coach

These were the first steps I took for my life and I want to encourage you to take them as well.

The time to move is NOW!
Don’t you deserve to live a life that is happy?  Change your mindset and take action today!

What action can you take today to start moving?  Share it below in the comments!

girl wearing hat is standing in a field of sunflowers and bubbles with her hands raised with pink overlay and white text that reads, "How to Overcome Your Past and Present Circumstances"

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