Ever since I can remember, I was obsessed with getting married.

Confession time:  I had my wedding day completely mapped out by the age of 10.  

I knew exactly what colors my wedding would be (turquoise and lavender),
I knew exactly how many bridesmaids I would have (four),
And I just knew that my future husband would look exactly like Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid (only he’d be Puerto Rican like me.)

Here’s another confession:  I spent the majority of my adult life searching for exactly that!  So every man I decided to date, I would force them to fit into my “husband” mold.

Of course, this lead to many breakups because well, relationships don’t work like that!

But it never stopped me!  I was on a mission!  By any means necessary I was going to find “the One” or settle with the guy I was with and make him “the One”.

Believe it or not, many of us women are obsessed with this whole “marriage” thing because we’ve been dreaming about it our entire lives!

What’s worse is that we continue to play the dating games in hopes that we could fulfill our 10-year-old dreams of living happily ever after!

You see, in MY mind, I saw getting married as “happily ever after“…so as I got older, my search for Mr. Right was, in reality, a search for never-ending happiness.

Am I talking to anyone out there?!

After I discovered the true meaning of love, and actually met and married my Mr. Right, I chat with my single friends now and they all tell me the same thing…

I know myself, Selina.  I know what I want.  And right now, I want a husband!

Ok, I get all that…but why??

Why are women so obsessed with getting married and feeling down and out because of this one factor is missing in their lives?

Could it be that women are still buying the fairytale ending?

Update:  Here’s some fresh insight into this theory.  Women are obsessing over the thought of getting married for one of two reasons:

  1. They wanna become a queen for a day and throw the big “wedding” party.  In other words, they aren’t considering the aftermath of the wedding.  They’re only focusing on the day.
  2. They are afraid of living life alone.  And that’s real.

But for most women out there, it goes a little deeper than just that.

While they may be feeling the emotional void that causes them to wanna feel special OR afraid of feeling alone, there is ONE MAJOR THING that they all lack.

And in today’s episode, I’ll reveal that one reason why (some) single women are so obsessed with getting married.  I also share what women need to address first in order for Mr. Right to come along!

Click below to watch this video!

Be honest:  What’s one REAL reason why YOU think some women are so obsessed with getting married??  Share in the comments below!

woman looking over man's shoulder with pink overlay and white text that reads, "Why You're Obsessed with Getting Married"

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